U32 –  Erebor Housing is here!
U32 – Erebor Housing is here!

U32 – Erebor Housing is here!

U32 – Erebor Housing is here!

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Update 32 is coming today, and it brings many new features for our homes!

Today is update day, and as soon as the servers are back up you better get ready to pack your suitcase and move to Erebor!

Indeed, the dwarven residences of the Lonely Mountain are opening their doors today, and they bring many changes to housing.

Scenario (the developper in charge of housing) gave us a tour of the new neighborhood several months ago, and now that this neighborhood is here let’s quickly go over the new stuff.

Welcome to the Abodes of Erebor

The Erebor homesteads

The presentation page is out already, and there you'll find the interactive map, the prices, the numbers of hooks, and other info about this dwarven neighborhood.

Discover the Erebor homesteads presentation page

To sum it up, here are the house categories:

  • 12 base houses (117 interior hooks, 47 exterior hooks – 300 mithril coins or 12 writs)
  • 1 special house – Geode (163 interior hooks, 47 exterior hooks – 600 mithril coins or 24 writs)
  • 6 deluxe houses (202 interior hooks, 98 exterior hooks – 500 mithril coins or 20 writs)
  • 1 kinship house (206 interior hooks, 119 exterior hooks – 1000 mithril coins or 40 writs)

Main releases

With many new decorations (over 400), walls, surfaces, and musics in your premium houses, the number of new releases is impressive!

New features:

  • Premium houses: an ambient music hook has been added in the gardens of Belfalas, Rohan, and Erebor houses.
  • Premium houses: you can now have several different ambient musics in your houses of Belfalas, Rohan and Erebor.
  • Ambient environments: a new type of hook is available in the gardens of premium houses (Rohan & Belfalas). This hook allows you to chose the weather, ambience, or atmosphere you want in your garden (rain, snow, sun, clouds...).
  • Ambient environments (Cave): same as the previous one but adapted to Erebor houses. This hook allows you to chose the weather, ambience, atmosphere or lighting you want in your garden.

New decorations:

  • New decorations have been added to almost every reputation barterer and housing furnisher in Middle Earth.
  • The Angle region is also coming with its own reputation and new decorations.

Website update

As you might have guessed, I've got plenty of work ahead of me! With over 400 decorations, a new neighborhood, and radical changes of several features, I've got my work cut out for the next few weeks.

Note: the following lists will be updated as I go.

2/24 - Updated

What has been added/updated on the site:

What still needs to be done:

  • NOTHING !!! 

I hope you all enjoy the new neighborhood as well as the new decorations, and don't forget to share your homes with us on Discord!

Welcome to Erebor!

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