Mount and Pet Hooks

This is one of the big novelties accompanying the release of Rohan housing: mounts and pets can now be turned into decoration items!

Rohan housing is now live and if you’ve been decorating since, you may have found that you can now use your mounts and pets as decorations!

Here is a little guide to help you find your way around!

Last Updated : 10/4/2023

Mounts – Hitching Posts

Do you have a beautiful collection of mounts that you’ve always dreamed of transforming into decoration items for your yard? It’s now possible!

Some specifics:

  • Exclusive to Rohan/Erebor/Lyndelby Housing!
  • The mount decorations created can only be placed in one dedicated yard hook called “Hitching post“, which you can find in the garden of each Rohan/Erebor house.
  • All mounts (goats, horses, ponies, etc.) can be transformed into decorations except War-steeds.

How to do it:

1/ Select a “Hitching post” hook outside your Rohan house,
2/ Choose the mount you want to transform in your skills or collection panel,
3/ Drag the skill/mount onto the hook location and the decoration is created!

After the decoration is created, it will appear as a decoration item if you remove it from the hook and you can store it as needed.

Prices and allocations:

  • When you buy your home in Rohan/Erebor/Lyndelby, you get some tokens for “Hitching Post” to fill the hooks available in the chosen house.

If you have used all of your tokens and you want to create new mounts:

  • Three tokens are available in the “Rohan Housing Set” pack in the LoTRO store.
  • You can create additional mounts (in the same way as described above) for 20 Mithril coins.
  • New with Update 28: you can now barter Steed Harnesses Tokens from Curator for 2500 Figments of Splendour.


Want a house full of pets? You can now use your pet collection to turn your favorites into decorations.

How does it work? Here’s the info:

  • This new feature is available in ALL homes in Middle-earth, whether they are in premium neighborhoods or not.
  • Pets can be placed in different existing hooks (Furniture, Yard).
  • Simply drag the skill onto the chosen location to create a decorative animal.

After the decoration is created, it will appear as a decoration item if you remove it from the hook and you can store it as needed.

Note: as you can see in the video, pets are alive! They move around and go about their lives…


  • You can create such a decoration using 20 Mithril Coins.
  • New with Update 28: you can now barter Pet Bridles Tokens from Curator for 2500 Figments of Splendour.

That’s all you need to know about these two new features!

I’m not going to do a photo report for each mount/pet; the list would be way too long ;). Have fun!

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2 Responses

  1. Something to note is that the halter token is consumed as soon as you add the horse to the hook, so if you do it with the wrong horse, you’ve lost it even if you’ve not ‘saved’ the hook/location. I found this out yesterday after I lost three of them because I misclicked the wrong horse from my skills. It showed me the horse, but when I wanted to swap it for another, my halter count went down.

    I like that they’ve finally given us away to display mounts, but I thought they might wander around a little bit like the pets do. It seems a little odd to have a bunch of static horses standing around. 🙂


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