Choose your Neighbourhood based on your tastes

4 Classic and 5 Premium Homesteads are available to you.

Premium Housing


The Cape of Belfalas neighborhood is located between central and western Gondor. It offers breathtaking coastal vistas and luxurious gondorian-inspired architecture.


This homestead is located on the plains north of Edoras and offers stunning 360° views of the surrounding country.


This homestead is located in the White Mountains and dominates all the southern lands of Rohan. The residences are all located high up and offer breathtaking views of the region.


One of Smaug’s last treasure hoards has been opened and the Dwarves of Erebor have moved to reclaim it! Join them in owning a piece of Middle-earth, in the Great Hall under the Mountain!


River-Hobbits welcomes you to their village at the footsteps of the Misty Mountains, in the Wells of Langflood region. A hobbit neighborhood, surrounded by mountains and the ancient ruins of Sundergrot.

Classic Housing


The Bree Homestead is a peaceful place where nature reigns. A river, a hill, and prime locations throughout. Not to mention quick access to the town of Bree. There will be something for everyone here.


With light hills, lovely greenery, and a peaceful river flowing down from a beautiful waterfall, the Shire Homestead has a pastoral feel that is perfect for those looking for a peaceful life in the countryside.


If you’ve been wanting to get more in touch with your Elven side then you’re in luck. The Celondim & Duillond housing brokers are pleased to introduce to you the Falathlorn Homestead.


Dug deep into the mountain, the cavern which contains the residences of Thorin’s Hall immediately reminds you of Moria. There are numerous pathways winding their way through this neighborhood and the diversity of houses is quite extensive.