Rohan – Eastfold Homesteads

Welcome to the Eastfold Hills Homestead (Rohan)!

Neighborhood Presentation

The Neighborhood:

Welcome to the Eastfold neighborhood in West Rohan.

This homestead is located in the White Mountains and dominates all the southern lands of Rohan. The residences are all located high up and offer breathtaking views of the region.

The Town Square:

As with all the other housing estates in Middle Earth, the Eastfold neighborhood contains many basic goods and services in a central area of the village.

This includes a vault-keeper, auctioneer, forge and relic masters, supplier, healer, home furnisher, task boards and collection boxes, and crafting stations. In addition, there is a housing broker here which will make visiting other neighborhoods quite convenient!

You will also have the option to pick up quests from here which will enable you to increase your reputation among the neighbors.

Access to the Eastfold Neighborhood

There are many ways to get to the Eastfold Homestead.

  • The trip from Edoras/Aldburg is quite easy and the landscape is definitely worth seeing.
  • Edoras and Aldburg also both provide swift travel to the Eastofld neighborhood.
  • You’ll find the Housing Broker’s Office in Bree (across the street from the Bree-town Hall), allowing you to visit or purchase houses in any of the Housing areas throughout Middle Earth

U25.1 – A new Stablemaster has been placed in the social center of Housing neighborhoods that offers travel between a number of major destinations across Middle-earth and between housing homesteads.

Premium Housing

What is Premium Housing?

There are some important differences between the premium housing and the original four neighborhoods.

For a comparison between premium and classic housing : use this page.

To begin, purchasing a Premium house is done through the LOTRO store using LOTRO points. You can buy your house with either Mithril Coins or Premium Housing Writs.

There are a number of benefits that come with owning a premium house in Belfalas:

  • You can own as many premium houses as you want on as many or few characters as you want, in addition to your original house in one of the other four neighborhoods
  • You can own a Meadhall (Rohan only!) with a huge number of decoration hooks
  • The smallest house in Rohan has more decoration hooks than any house in Eriador
  • The two Rohan neighborhoods each contain one unique house with a unique interior that is a little bit different from the other houses of the neighborhood.
  • Only a one minute cooldown on the house port
  • Each premium houses have a Music hook in their yard, and multiple Music hooks inside the house (compared to a single one on classic houses)
  • You can customize the dayfile of your yard using the Ambient Environment hook (changing the weather, adding clouds, etc)
  • No monthly maintenance fee for VIP players

In case you transfer a character or account to another server, the house is fully refunded. You will get special Writs that you can redeem for a new premium house.

In case of abandonment or seizure of the house, you will be reimbursed for up to 90% of the starting price through the Writs.


Each neighborhood contains:

  • 10 Deluxe houses (including 1 special house)
  • 1 Mead-Hall

Note : There are no kinship houses in the Rohan neighborhoods!

The interactive map is only available on desktop version of the website, it does not work when accessing the site from a mobile device.


Deluxe HouseSpecial HouseMead Hall
Interior Hooks178178 (+23 for Tower)261
Wall5454 (+7)62
Yard/Furniture8080 (+15)108
Light Hooks161618
Ambient Music22 (+1)4
Surface (Floor)6613
Color (Floor)6613
Surface (Wall)3312
Color (Wall)3312
Surface (Column)6
Exterior Hooks383870
Enormous Yard224
Huge Yard558
Hitching Post558
Ambient Environment111
Ambient Music111
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