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The Bazaar of Ideas

The Bazaar of Ideas

Suffering from decorator’s block? There are many creative ideas to be found around D&Co!

Don’t know what to do with that table you found on one of your adventures in Gondor? Maybe we can help you find the inspiration!

After several competitions here at D&Co du Milieu we have seen some wonderful creativity. If you are in need of a boost to the artistic spirit you’ve come to the right place.

This page will be updated regularly during my discoveries. (Last Update : 9/05/2020)

These ideas have mainly been created by the decorators who have participated in previous competitions on the French website. I have also made my own contributions in addition to selecting the best of what I have found.


The best of our Contests
Closing a room
Great tables!
The bartender
The cartographer
Fountain & Pond
The artists
Family Meal
Doors & Windows
Epic Battles 

Special Ideas:

♦ The Bazaar of Ideas – A Halloween Special!
Here are some very good ideas for decorating your house on a Halloween theme.

Misc : Contests

The best of what we’ve seen in our contests!


You cannot pass !

When it comes to steering your visitors in other directions ideas are not lacking. Feel free to use barrels, bookcases, and tapestries to hide your secret corners from view.


Opt for a more functional sleeping quarter or create your own royal chambers in Middle Earth. The bedside book is always a simple, yet effective decorating tool, while Khaotil decided to go all in for the X-Creator competition with his “Blue Sleep”!


A table with nothing on it is a lonely table indeed. Remember to use LOTRO’s x-y-z moving system to give your empty table some company.

The Bartender

Have a drink and get creative with the bar in your home! Here are some ingenious examples of how to build a bar in Middle Earth. Move the tables around to create corners and don’t hesitate to put a pint or four on them using shelves or even other tables! A simple barstool and shelf also create a simple yet functional bar area.

The cartographer

Want to show off your impressive map collection? Why not assemble them in a way that highlights the beauty of your scholarly hobby?!


  1. Tanya Rupa

    I had no idea there could be so many uses for that Elvish Reflecting Pool! Thanks so much for putting this together! I love seeing the creativity of other players! My favorite was seeing the Statue Of Candaith surrounded by all the flowers. Very cool!


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