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The Bazaar of Ideas

The Bazaar of Ideas

Fountains & Ponds

A little creativity can go a long way to building your perfect tribute to the ocean and those who have braved them. A reflective pool is the ideal starting for showcasing the ship models you’ve worked so hard to attain. Go further by adding flowers, crystals, and rocks for a sublime experience at sea. If you prefer your models not to get wet, a high seas rug should do the trick instead!

The Artist

Decorating is art. Imagine and express.

The Librarian

This is a simple yet effective way to build a library. You can stack bookshelves in many different ways but don’t forget the ladder!

The family meal

Having company this weekend? The tables of Middle Earth not quite big enough to seat your extensive extended family and many dear friends? Then move them together and add some chairs. If having a drink by the fire suits your fancy, well, we’ve got some brilliantly simple ideas for that as well. Just stick a shelf onto the fire pit!

The Throne

Use a little imagination and be the queen (or king) of your castle!

Fire !

Drive away the chill of winter and enjoy a beautiful and comfortable setting at the same time (thank you Gamleth)!!

Doors & Windows

Do not forget to use the doors and windows of your house as a decorative tool!

Recreate your Battle

Recreate the Battle of Isengard in your garden with the help of Huorns and Orthanc’s replica!

Last Update : 9/05/2020


  1. Tanya Rupa

    I had no idea there could be so many uses for that Elvish Reflecting Pool! Thanks so much for putting this together! I love seeing the creativity of other players! My favorite was seeing the Statue Of Candaith surrounded by all the flowers. Very cool!


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