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Rohan Housing Preview – Summary

Rohan Housing Preview – Summary

Here is a summary of everything we know about the future housing neighborhoods in Rohan.

Rohan Housing is not yet live.
The information presented here is what I have managed to glean from several sessions on Bullroarer.

Last update : 6/18/2020

The Two Neighborhood

There are two separated neighborhoods in two separate areas of West Rohan.

The Kingstead neighborhood is on the plain.

The Eastfold neighborhood is in the mountains above Edoras.

New Decoration Hook Types

We will get a few new hook types with Rohan Housing.

  • Column” hooks will allow you to customize the look of the columns in these new homes
  • Light” hooks will allow you to adjust the lighting in different parts of the house
  • The “Fire Pit” hook will allow you to fill the central aisle of your Mead Hall
  • Finally, “Mount” hooks will allow you to add your favorite steeds (not war steeds yet) to your yard in front of the stable.

Note: these novelties are currently exclusive to the houses or Rohan on Bullroarer.

Also note that you will be able to turn your pets into decoration items (indoor and outdoor) and this will be possible across all of LotRO Housing.


A few extra bits and pieces of information:

  • The release date will the same as the release of Helm’s Deep on the legendary servers (summer 2020)
  • Rohan housing will be Premium housing, which means you will need Mithril Coins or Housing Writs to buy houses (same as Belfalas)
  • New Rohan-themed decorations will be available at launch
  • There will be no kinship houses. Instead we will have Meadhalls which individuals will be able to purchase.
  • New per-house storage, separate from Shared Storage.
  • A new Kinship Visit feature – players can designate a primary residence, and allow their kinmates to visit from the Kinship panel.

For more details please refer to the three preview articles post earlier:

Find the interview with the dev team (June 2020) here :

Feel free to leave comments at the bottom if you have any questions. I will try to answer them as best as I can!

This page will be updated as new information appears.

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