Premium Housing Writ
Premium Housing Writ

Premium Housing Writ

Premium Housing Writ

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Premium Housing Writs can be used to purchase premium houses (Rohan/Gondor). You will need between 6 and 36 depending on the house.

How to Obtain
The LOTRO store is the primary way to acquire these scrolls.
As of Update 27.2, you can exchange your Mithril Coins for writs from premium housing brokers.

Details and prices

  • LOTRO Store: 1 scroll = 250 LOTRO Points
  • LOTRO Store “Middle-Earth Essential” Pack: purchase of this pack includes 6 writs for 1000 LOTRO Points (purchase only available once per account)
  • Mithril Coins Exchange: 25 Mitrhil Coins ⇒ 1 Writ (only works this way)
  • LOTRO Market – Special Offer “LOTRO Starter Bundle” : purchase of this pack includes 6 writs (among other things) for $9.99!

Note: Writs are bound to account. They cannot be traded or sold to other players.

When you sell/abandon your Premium home, you will be reimbursed for up to 80% of your initial stake. The Premium Housing Writs will arrive directly in your inbox and you can reuse them to acquire another premium home.

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