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Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

Welcome to the Thorin’s Hall Homesteads.


Neighborhood Presentation


The Neighborhood:

Dug deep into the mountain, the cavern which contains the residences of Thorin’s Hall immediately reminds you of Moria. There are numerous pathways winding their way through this neighborhood and the diversity of houses is quite extensive.
Depending on your personal tastes, you can find a home which is more or less snow-covered and with various degrees of lighting. An underground river will delight all the anglers out there!

The Town Square:

Many services are available in the town square including a housing furnisher, legendary weapons master, banker, and others. There is also a theater designed for those who might wish to try their hand in the entertainment world.


Of all the neighborhoods, the Thorin’s Hall homestead is the easiest to access. It is just a short minute’s walk (or swift travel) from the stables of Thorin’s Hall at Frerin’s Court.

  • You'll find the Housing Broker's Office in Bree (across the street from the Bree-town Hall), allowing you to visit or purchase houses in any of the Housing areas throughout Middle Earth

U25.1 - A new Stablemaster has been placed in the social center of Housing neighborhoods that offers travel between a number of major travel destinations across Middle-earth and between housing homesteads.




Each neighborhood contains:

  • 16 standard houses
  • 10 deluxe houses
  • 4 kinship houses

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Standard houses:

Interior Hooks: 37
15 Wall
16 Furniture
1 Ceiling

1 Ambient Music
1 Surface (Floor)
1 Color (Floor)
1 Surface (Wall)
1 Color (Wall)

Exterior Hooks: 5

4 Yard
1 Doormat

Deluxe houses:

Interior Hooks: 85
26 Wall
46 Furniture
4 Ceiling

Ambient Music
2 Surface (Floor)
2 Color (Floor)
2 Surface (Wall)
2 Color (Wall)

Exterior Hooks: 7

6 Yard
1 Doormat

Kinship houses:

Interior Hooks: 131
50 Wall
65 Furniture
6 Ceiling

Ambient Music
2 Surface (Floor)
2 Color (Floor)
2 Surface (Wall)
2 Color (Wall)

Exterior Hooks: 12

1 Enormous Yard
2 Huge Yard
1 Doormat


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Updated - 9/15/2023