Rohan Housing is Here!!
Rohan Housing is Here!!

Rohan Housing is Here!!

Rohan Housing is Here!!

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The long-awaited moment has finally arrived, Rohan housing is now a reality!

It’s move-in day in the kingdom of Rohan!

Time to finally pack your bags, load up the waggon, and make your way to a new house in Kingstead or (and) Eastfold.

The gates of the two new residential districts in Rohan will open today with the release of Update 27.2. All you will have to do now is make up your mind about which house(s) you want to move in to. There will be few surprises since we’ve already had the chance to explore the new neighborhoods on Bullroarer. But now finally we can really get in to moving in and decorating our own spaces.

A few reminders about this update:

  • Rohan offers two new distinct neighborhoods (Premium Housing)
  • There are no kinship houses in these neighborhoods
  • The new “Surface (Columns)” and “Firepit” decoration hooks are exclusive to Mead-Halls
  • The new “Lights” and “Hitching post” decoration hooks are exclusive to Rohan housing
  • The purchase of a house in Rohan includes between 5 and 8 special tokens which allow you to transform your mounts into decorations using the ” Hitching post” hook. Once these tokens are used, any additional mount will cost you 20 Mithril Coins (More about Pet/Mount decoration items coming soon!)
  • You can now transform a pet into a decoration in every house of Middle-earth (for 20 Mithril Coins)
  • A new chest with 30 slots is available in each premium house in the game. You cannot access this one from one of your other house.
  • The price of Rohan houses are similar to those of the Belfalas (between 450 and 850 Mithril Coins)
  • The number of hooks varies but is slightly higher than Belfalas (in particular in yards)
  • If you would like more in-depth information about the Rohan housing neighborhoods you can click check out the preview summary I posted a while back, as well as an interview with the development team.
  • Premium housing brokers, Burginda, Nothwen, and Seleflad, will now allow you to barter mithril coins to receive premium housing writs.

New Housing Items

Also note that the Rohan housing furnishers (Rohan Housing Broker & Ambience Furnisher) have lots of new decoration items for sale which I will be adding to the database as quickly as possible.

You can also find new items in the Store, as rewards for reputation deeds in Rohan Neigborhoods and from the Shire housing furnisher.

Here’s a complet list of what you’ll be able to find ingame (while waiting for me to put these on D&Co du Milieu…) : 

~Click to enlarge~

I have also made the final tweaks to the presentation pages of the two Rohan neighborhoods which can be found here:

You can also find these two pages with the other homesteads in the “Housing” section of the main menu.

So I wish you a happy move, and I suggest that we meet again in early September, for a Rohan Special “Housing Week in Middle Earth”! Until then, have fun decorating these new homes.

UPDATE - Every new housing items from U27.2 are now available on D&Co du Milieu:

  • Added "Column Surface" hook and decoration items. You can find these on the main menu, under "Decoration Items".
  • Added Mount & Pet decoration items Guide. You'll find these on the main menu, under "Decoration Items" (Hitching Post & Pets)
  • Added "Light" items to the database. You can find these on the main menu, under "Decoration Items".
  • Added the 'Rohan Housing Set' from LotRO Store
  • Added new "Fire Pit" items to the database. ("Fire Pit" category was also added to the "Decoration Items" menu)
  • Added new items from Rohan Housing reputation deeds. (You'll also find those under "Deeds" in the main menu)
  • Added Rohan Housing Brokers items (Ambient music will come later)
  • Added Rohan Ambience Furnisher items

COMPLETED - You can find every item from U27.2 here : "Tag : U27.2"

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