D&Co du Milieu 4th Anniversary
D&Co du Milieu 4th Anniversary

D&Co du Milieu 4th Anniversary

D&Co du Milieu 4th Anniversary

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One more year of D&Co du Milieu! It’s the decorator’s birthday…

Four years have passed since August 12, 2016, when Pruna and I opened the doors of D&Co du Milieu.

Today we blow out a fourth candle for a small website that has come a long way since its creation. To celebrate this anniversary, there will be a contest in the coming weeks but more on that later ;).

Before thinking about slashing the champagne and thanking the guests, I suggest – as usual – that you take a little tour of the past year and tackle some statistics!


To celebrate this fourth birthday is also to look back on the 5 contests that took place this year. The program, which proceeded much as it did last year, was this: 1 Housing Week, 2 “Demeure de l’Étrange”, an anniversary contest, and the X-Creator competition.

Next year, these 5 contests will be back in more or less the same order and at the same times. In addition, the Housing Week contest will return on September this year to celebrate the arrival of Rohan Housing.

The Decorator’s Event Schedule is always there to give you an idea of ​​the competitions yet to take place before year’s end.

This will be a year rich in events!


As usual, the site has seen some notable innovations this year that it might be better adapted to your needs.

Today, in version 5.3, the site features some recent graphical changes and a few new adjustments here and there, especially to the main menu. It was also the first full year of the house address sharing system; the list of shared houses is now quite long, and has helped me discover new things (Halloween/Yule themed houses!).

It was also the first full year of the Discord server dedicated to LotRO housing. Now, over a hundred of you use it regularly.

In the coming months (at latest by the end of the year), version 6 of the site should see the light of day. Work on it is in progress and new features will be presented to you in due course.

Discover here the latest updates to the website.


D&Co du Milieu would not be what it is now without its famous decoration database.

Today, the site has logged exactly 1506 decorations (of 1516 in game), and I do my best as usual to continue to add to it as best I can.

After the arrival of Rohan housing, this database was greatly expanded, and that’s good for decorators. As usual, I will continue to update this database throughout the coming year, whether by updating old photos or adding information (price, categories, etc….).

Work on the database is never finished!

Discover here the latest updates to the database.


Let’s move on to the numbers!


  • 227 085 visits on D&Co this year (138 000 last year)
  • 36 000 visits in July this year, a new record!

The most visited “News” (French + English):

The most viewed decoration items (French + English):

My main suppliers* of visitors (French + English):
* 26% of total visits

2019/2020 Contests:

  • 5 contests this year (X-Creator + 1 Housing Week Contests + 2 “Demeures de l’Étrange” + 1 Anniversary Contest)
  • More than 190 participants
  • 14 000 LotRO Points distributed
  • 7 Best House trophies distributed this year!
  • 1 Minas Morgul Xpac distributed
  • And a dozen of other items (titles, pets, mounts…)!

Thank You!

Finally, I wanted to thank all the people who continue to help this website thrive, including all the visitors, commenters, contest participants, and people who share the work done here. A huge thank you to you all!

Thanks to the entire team at SSG and especially Cordovan, Baccata, and Scenario for their time, help and support.
Thanks to my “Translation Team”, Rhuangar and Haflith, for their invaluable help in translating complex posts for D&Co.
Finally, thanks to Edward & Kaels for accompanying me in judging the various competitions!

Thanks everyone and Happy Birthday to D&Co du Milieu!

4th Anniversary Contest is now running !

D&Co du Milieu

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