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D&Co has been working on a small weekend project and here it is, an additional service offered to LotRO’s community of Housing fanatics!

The Abode of Decorators:

It’s 2019 and D&Co has got to keep up with the times. Therefore, we have launched a Discord discussion service dedicated to LotRO Housing, powered and moderated by myself, Yao!

Most of you probably use Discord’s voice and text services already so I won’t go into too much detail of how it works.

What can a Discord server dedicated to Housing in LotRO bring to the table?
Well…. At the moment I really only have a vague idea of the answer. I am hoping that this new space will allow discussion, exchanging of ideas, and photo sharing in a fast and simple way for members of our community.

In short, we will talk about houses, decorating, maybe even competitions! It’s really up to you to imagine and create the space! I’m sure the server will evolve over time depending on your use of it and your wishes.

So let’s get to discussing and decorating! Enjoy!

D&Co du Milieu

PS- As most of you know, D&Co is a global site with an international audience. Therefore, there will be two channels, one in French and the other in English.

PS²- Website will be updated later today in order to highlight this Discord service.

The channel will be open to all players. To join, click on the image below.

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