U33 Yondershire – Housing Preview
U33 Yondershire – Housing Preview

U33 Yondershire – Housing Preview

U33 Yondershire – Housing Preview

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More Shire, more hobbit deco items? Let’s see!

Welcome to Yondershire!

UPDATE: now that U33 is a ‘thing’, you can find all those new housing items here.

Post updated on 4/8

Update 33: Yondershire is on Bullroarer this week for its first preview.

It’s a wonderful place located between the Shire, Ered Luin, and Evendim that I’m sure you’ll all like for its gorgeous landscape!

A new hobbit area is also the perfect place to give us more hobbit-style decoration items.

In fact, Yondershire barterers have 25 new items for you! So, without further ado, let’s take a look a these new deco items coming with Yondershire.

Yondershire Reputation Barterer

All these items can be obtained once you reach the ‘Friend’ tier of Yonder-Watch reputation.

Note: those new Surface (Wall) items all comes with new associated decorative walls.

Yondershire Quests Rewards

So, do you like them as much as I do ? 

I’ll update this post if I see something new in the next rounds on Bullroarer!

Post updated on 4/8

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  1. This is wonderful and all, but we REALLY should do away with the hook system because of it’s limitations in decorating, as well as increase the quantity of items we can place. Other than that, really awesome to make a parcel bookcase, but it’s empty! I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining, but with our current housing dilemma, there is no way we can utilize the shelves with anything. 🙂


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