Welcome to Lyndelby (with Scenario)

Want to see more of Lyndelby and learn a few things about the next housing update? Here you go!

Hello everyone!

This week was one to remember for housing nerds in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Update 37’s first round of testing on Bullroarer has begun, and Scenario took the opportunity to preview the new premium neighborhood that should be available with Update 37: Lyndelby Homesteads!

You can watch the whole preview here:

Now, I figured that you’d want to learn even more about Lyndelby housing. And who’s more qualified to talk about it than the guy who created that neighborhood?

Recently, I had the chance to get a sneak peek of the area and Scenario was kind enough to write a few lines to present his latest work.

The presentation is by Matt “Scenario” Elliott and the pictures were taken during the sneak peek by me. Thanks to Standing Stone Games (<3).

The Humble Homes of the Holbytlan

For what seems like ages, the speculation on what lies behind the closed gates south of Lyndelby has been wild.

Many of those speculations have been on the mark! Since its creation, we have always planned to introduce a neighborhood beyond the gate and were just waiting for the right time to do so.

That time is now!

Each Lyndelby Homestead neighborhood will include:

  • Four Base Premium Smials
  • Six Deluxe Premium Smials
  • One Stately Base Premium Smial
  • One Stately Deluxe Premium Smial
  • And one Premium Kinship smial.

This valley will also be supported by a suite of town services and a handful of social spaces to gather as a community (as the Holbytlan love to do!).

Decorative fencing debuts alongside this neighborhood, allowing you to pick and choose what you want your property bounds to look like. This feature joins ambient environment and music hooks to round out the yards of your home.

(Back to Yao)

So, we have some new pretty pictures to ogle and a few lines from Scenario about his latest masterpiece.

My thoughts: the visit was just awesome. Colors, flowers, flora, and those hobbit houses…I just can’t wait to get my hands on some of those homes!

On another note, the 2 Stately houses will have Mobile Yards!

Last, but not least, we can anticipate some interesting changes to housing in general from this update:

Housing & Decorations:

  • Doormats can now be used on Furniture hooks.
  • Small Rug decorations can now be used on Doormat hooks.
  • Floor hooks have been consolidated with Furniture hooks.
  • Firepits now accept Furniture and Yard items.
  • Yard hooks now accept all Furniture decorations.
  • Furniture hooks now accept all Yard decorations.

In case you were wondering, yes, this all applies to every existing type of house (both classic & premium).

I’ll probably need to rework how categories work on the website in order to avoid having just two huge categories – Yard & Furniture – that include the same items, but we’ll talk about it soon.

The Lyndelby Homestead is not currently accessible on Bullroarer but should be soon, so, housing lovers, expect other previews here on D&Co about that huge update soon!

I’ll do another preview post about all the new housing items coming with this update in the next few weeks with a special focus on the new Fence hooks.

I have a lot of exciting stuff coming for you in the next few weeks to celebrate D&Co du Milieu’s 7th anniversary in August as well. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to Scenario and Cordovan for giving me a preview of the neighborhood and for the write-up!

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  1. This incoming premium housing is so gorgeous, fresh and with amazing features like to let it go. Pick your Lyndelby smial if you can.
    Special mention to the Stately Smials (Deluxe and base).
    Kudos to Scenario, SSG and to Yao for quick info coverage!


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