Database work related to U37

Update 37 is coming soon™, and I have a lot of work to do in order to reflect the changes coming!

Hello everyone,

As previewed in the “Welcome to Lyndelby” post, Update 37 is bringing a lot of changes to the hook system, and I’ll have a lot of work to do to reflect those changes on D&Co du Milieu.

In order to not spend my summer on it, I decided to start working on those changes right now, a few weeks before the release. So that means that the website is going to have a few new things, and while browsing the database, for example, you may find items that now say they are “Furniture/Yard” items, but you’ll see those are still “Floor” items in-game.

For the next few weeks, the D&Co database is going to be – partially – inaccurate in comparison with the live game, but accurate for Bullroarer and post U37 live game.

I’m doing this work now because once U37 is live, I will also have a lot of work adding 150+ new deco items that are coming with Lyndelby.

So, let’s focus on what is going to change.

Note: each time a change has happened on the website, you’ll see two things. First, this post will have a  right after the changes list below, and then, I’ll add a “U37 Ready” badge next to the concerned category on the main menu and also on category description.

Floor hook items are now Furniture/Yard items

This is obviously the easiest change I’m going to do and probably the last one you’ll see happening on the website.

But from now on, consider that the Floor hook is a thing of the past and that old rugs and stuff like that are now Furniture/Yard items.

Edit (8/02): All Floor items are now Yard/Furniture items. The Floor category has been removed from the website.

Doormats can now be used on Furniture hooks

Another easy change! Here, I’ll just have to add the Furniture/Yard label to existing Doormat items. It is also a change that will come later on the website once I’m done with other stuff.

On the same topic: Small Rug decorations can now be used on Doormat hooks.

Here, I’ll have to actually get the list of items concerned by that change but this will also apply at the same time as the doormats change on the website.

Edit (8/02): All Doormats are now also Furniture/Yard items.
Edit (8/03): Old rugs that can now fit the Doormat hook have been udpated.

Firepits now accept Furniture and Yard items

This one is tricky. I’m not going to change anything to that category aside from the category description.

In the future, when you browse the Firepits category, you’ll have the same list of items that is currently available as Firepit items. The only change is that I’m going to change the Firepit category description in order to let you know that this hook now accepts Furniture/Yard items.

Edit (8/03): Category description has been updated.

Yard = Furniture

This is probably the main change coming with Update 37 and probably the trickiest one to make as it affects approximately 2200+ items. This is also going to be the first change I’m going to work on in the next few days.

So, here’s what I decided to do in order to allow a smooth transition for that change:

• Since Yard hooks are now equal to Furniture hooks, every deco item from either of those 2 categories will appear in the other one.
• In order to not just have one category with thousands of items in it, I decided to create new sub-categories. These sub-categories will replace the old ones, i.e.: 'Large-sized Furnitures', 'Small-sized Yard items', etc.

By clicking on the "Yard" or "Furniture" categories, you'll have access to the same list of items.

YARD HOOK (The main category will include all yard & furniture items)
→ Flora (includes trees, flowerpots, and flora related items)
→ Buildings (houses, towers, etc)
→ Statues
→ Misc (every other Yard/Garden related item)

FURNITURE HOOK (The main category will include all yard & furniture items)
→ Furnishing (includes tables, chairs, couches, chests, etc...)
→ Kitchen (includes all food/beverage related items)
→ Rugs (well... rugs!)
→ Misc (every other Furniture related item)

Edit (7/27): Every Furniture and Yard items have been merged in a new Yard/Furniture category and every item description was updated accordingly. Old sub-categories (Large-sized Yard, etc) have been removed from the website. Menu has been updated to reflect those changes. Still need to create and add items to the new sub-categories.

Edit (7/28): Sub-categories have been created and added to the menu. 

Edit (8/02): All Furniture/Yard items have been added to the new sub-categories! I'm done with the Furniture/Yard consolidation.

So, this will mean that I will have to go through every Yard and Furniture items, and change the categories on it, but also change the description. From now on, instead of seeing things like: Decoration Slot: Yard or Decoration Slot: Furniture, you’ll see Decoration Slot: Yard/Furniture.

This is a huge task, and I’ll keep you updated.

Once all of the above tasks are done, I’ll need to edit many guides and many posts to reflect the changes.

And once that is done too, I’ll probably need your help to look for things I could have missed all along 😉.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!


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