UPDATE : Hobnanigans & Treasure Hunt Events
UPDATE : Hobnanigans & Treasure Hunt Events

UPDATE : Hobnanigans & Treasure Hunt Events

UPDATE : Hobnanigans & Treasure Hunt Events

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Following this week’s update, some pretty significant (and pleasing) changes were made to the Hobnanigans and Treasure Hunt events. Let’s take a look at what’s happening !

Rules remain the same with both events, the changes have come with the rewards !

Buried Treasure Event

(Treasure Hunt Event)
Taking Place This Week !!

Up until now, this event has given us the option to barter for only three housing items.

However this year, Barterers at the event have entered into an agreement with the managers of the Hobnanigans League. The result is that we will now be able to barter for many of the Hobnanigans items at the Treasure Hunt !

Just as important, the prices are not too high. You can acquire all of the housing items for between 30 and 90 tokens.

Treasure Hunt Housing Items


This amusing, and rather funny, event has always had one major drawback : the prices ! However, going forward the cost for each item will be greatly reduced. Here are the changes :

  • Decorations which previously cost more than 2,000 Tokens will now be available for around 500 Tokens.
  • Decorations that were being sold for about 700 Tokens will now be around 200 Tokens.
  • You will no longer need to combine « Classic Tokens » and a White Chicken Token to acquire certain decoration items. Only one or the other will be required.

This is a more than 70% reduction in prices for all Hobnanigans housing items. So pick up your sticks and get punting !

Hobnanigans Housing Items

I am already in the process of updating the relevant information about these two events in the database so expect to see those soon.

Note : I will also update this message after I finish that.
Every Hobnanigans & Treasure Hunt Items were updated.

That’s all for today. Happy hunting everyone !

Also, a big thank you to Tybur, who spent the time making all these changes in game. And to Cordovan who served as a convincing intermediary 😉

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