U32 Housing Preview – Ambient Environments, Walls, and Surfaces
U32 Housing Preview – Ambient Environments, Walls, and Surfaces

U32 Housing Preview – Ambient Environments, Walls, and Surfaces

U32 Housing Preview – Ambient Environments, Walls, and Surfaces

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After a few weeks of testing on Bullroarer, it’s time to take a quick look at LotRO’s next update.

Update 32, currently being tested on Bullroarer, is expected to be released in February. We will be getting a new raid, the new Angle region south of the Trollshaws, and, most importantly to us, Erebor housing!!

We already had an overview of the new residences with +Scenario a few months ago so I won’t go over it again.

But there will also be some great new features which we have not seen before including ambient exterior music, several ambient music zones in the interior, ambient environment hooks (Dayfile), and many other joyful things! Also, there are about 520 new decorations on Bullroarer right now. We don’t know if they will be released all at once, but still!!!

The goal of this article is not to show you all the hundreds of new decorations but rather to present the main novelties which will be appearing in the update. I will give you an overview of ambient environments, the new wall items, and the new wall and floor surfaces.

Let’s get started!

Ambient Environments

What is an ambient environment, you might ask? Well, there are several ways to introduce you to these new types of hooks. The first thing to know is that there are two types, one for “outdoor” houses (Belfalas and Rohan) and one for “indoor” (or cave) houses (Erebor).

Note: At this time, these new hooks are not available for the classic homesteads of Eriador.

Simply put, an ambient environment location will allow you to change the sky and weather in your yard. The file you choose will only be applied in your own yard and will not encroach on the neighbors. As soon as you leave the perimeter of your house, the sky will return to normal. Some ambient environments will allow you to have perpetual sunset or night, etc.

Ambient environments will be available from reputation barterers in the related regions, as well as from some housing furnishers (i.e., the reputation vendor in Rivendell will allow you to acquire the “skies” of the Trollshaws, etc).

Ambient Environments (Outdoor)

Ambient Environments (Cave)

Real Walls!!!

Are you tired of blocking access to a room with two bookcases or three fireplaces?

+Scenario has found the answer to that issue! He has created real walls (obviously going on a slot with the same name) of different heights and using all the surfaces existing in game (plus the new ones coming out with the update).

Each wallpaper you apply in your house will have the equivalent in a real wall decoration version in four different sizes (10m, 20m, tall 10m, and tall 20m).

Note: as this is a decorative object and not wallpaper, you will not be able to color these items.

The possibilities will be endless! Close a room, create a new one, separate rooms in several parts… I can’t wait!

New Surfaces

And finally, even though I am too lazy to give you an overview of the two hundred odd new dwarven decorations (mainly statues and out-houses of different colors for your yards), I still dedicated myself to show you the new floor and wall surfaces that are coming out! They are dwarf walls and floors mostly, but also some Angmar themed ones.

New Wall Surfaces:

New Floor Surfaces:

That’s all for today! I don’t think I’ll be doing a post dedicated to all the new decorations until the update is released, however, rest assured that, five hundred plus new decorations or not, I’ll be in good shape in February to get them into the database as soon as possible! Challenge accepted!

Have a great day and happy Housing Week decorator friends!!

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  1. Jurrubin

    Ambient environments and real placeable walls will be amazing. I wonder if the ambient environments will be limited to premium houses or if they’ll be available for the classic housing areas as well.

  2. Vanimere

    Awesome news! I love that now i can make it snow at my yard when i set the wintry decos next year, but i hope that i can also find some falling leafs & falling petals ambient for my yard, between all those over 500 new decoration items.

    1. Tbf, we got hooks consolidation this year which helps a lot.
      About walls items, those are the only hooks that I’m having a hard time to fill. Since Hooks consolidation, I often have 5 of these available at the end that I’m just filling with “random” stuff. Having those new items will help a lot.

  3. Pointy

    Is there any news on whether we’ll get more slots in general for all these new items? And about whether the movement options will be getting any kind of increased range? The fact you can move stuff is awesome, but to have a nicely-furnished area in one part of your house (like for me I have a little study nook with a table and book case with some of the Lost Lore books on it), means having completely empty areas elsewhere because you have to pull the slots in from all over. The consolidation helped a lot, but I still find I’m struggling for space in the right places to make things look nice.

    Also, what is a ‘mobile yard’ slot? I’ve picked up some things since consolidation that say it can go in furniture, yard, or ‘mobile yard’ slots.

    1. They are not adding hooks to other neighborhoods
      I don’t think they increased the movement range but will have to check again.
      A mobile yard hook is a yard hooks. You can put yard items inside. The only difference between yards and mobile yards are that you can move mobile yards in any directions, on any axis (like furniture items). Mobile yards can only be found on Erebor yards.

  4. Jessica L Smith

    Hello there! Thank you so much for the detail you put together here! I got a really cool ambient environment up in Wildermore today but i can’t seem to figure out how to “hook” at my Rohan house, i see my outdoor ambient music hook but not the environment one. Any tips for applying it?

  5. Rebecca

    Hello. I am having issues with finding the ambient environment on my house at 2 Chestnut Street, Istor, Bree-land Homesteads. Could you please help? Thank You.


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