Housing Week in Middle-Earth #16 – Results

You’ve waited patiently and here they are !

After a week and a half of visits and votes, it is time to present the results of the 16th edition of Housing Week in Lyndelby !

Again I would like to thank all of the participants for this competition. Whether you were chosen for the final round or not, I hope you decide to participate again in future contests.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful members of the jury who have accompanied me for this contest, again ! :).


I gathered all the data and there were a total of 82 votes in the ballot box. Congratulations and thank you again !

As a reminder, the final score for each house is obtained by the average weighted score of the public (60%) and the jury (40%). Scenario, alone, designates the winner of Scenario's Choice.

The results

Top 3

#3 - Mithotyn

Audience average: 6.4 - Jury average: 7.5 - Final score: 6.84


"A very unique yard choice, smooth implementation and design with an exquisitely decorated interior that drives 'home' the concept of a castle. Lots of beautiful item choices and pairings."


"The exterior is really well done, with a large, coherent ensemble.
The interior is equally stunning. The spring in the basement is simply magical. With that little reference to Arthurian myth, which I like."

 #2 - Gudundan

Audience average: 6.54 - Jury average: 8.25 - Final score: 7.23


"There's no denying it, the starting theme isn't necessarily the easiest. But the devil is in the details, and Eru knows that this house is teeming with them. It's all very interesting, and you have to dare to go beyond appearances to discover some little nuggets."


"Adored the concept and execution! A great yard based on the Battle of Orthanc combined with an awestrucking themed interior, with an interesting use of the special room. Going for freaky and scary but not too oppresive? Check!"


"Sublime themed home where each room adds its own touch."

#1 - Elrandor

Audience average: 6.84 - Jury average: 9 - Final score: 7.71


"The trompe-l'œil both inside and out is stunning, and when you arrive on the scene, it's a real eye-opener! The rearrangement of the rooms, the decorations and the use of mood lighting are clever.
A wonderful visit!"


"It was with bated breath that I reached the top of these stairs, during the ascent I had time to think about Cirith Ungol and Moria, so I guess we're not far from perfection.
The interior mirrors the exterior. It's very accomplished, splendid."


"The exterior is splendid and harmonious. The interior is simply magnificent and perfectly realized! Bravo!"

I extend my congratulations to the winners of the 16th Housing Week in Middle Earth :).

Scenario's Choice

Scenario decided to award this price to Elrandor.


"After a lot of consideration, and flipping between the galleries numerous times, I've decided that Elrandor's Dwarven fortress wins out - though just barely! The usage of the decorative structures outside is imaginative and evokes the feel of Sundergrot just to the south. It's a complex and varied layout that feels like a structure we would have built ourselves. Inside, you see only the faintest remnants of the smial and after exploring through the varied rooms and hallways, you see the culmination of the story being told by Elrandor in the memorial tomb."

Scenario also wanted to congratulate Amalthya and Mithotyn for their creations: 

"Amalthya has created an extremely well appointed hobbit hole. While the decorations do not transform the property in the same way other submissions did, they create the home that is most inline with the look and feel of Lyndelby and Hobbit homes in general. I would happily move into this house - it looks great! Both Elrandor and Mithotyn created homes that are truly transformative of the Lyndelby setting - each taking full advantage of the flexibility of the Mobile hooks to produce something that is rich, complex and complete feeling."

Awards update:

Elrandor has decided not to accumulate his LotRO points for first place and the Scenario award.
I therefore have two codes of 500 points each to award in addition.
This is fortunate, as I can already award one to the person who tied for 3rd place, namely Aenhir. The second code will be awarded to Amalthya, who finished in the top 10 but was mentioned in Scenario's top 3.
The two 100-point codes that should have been given to Aenhir (4th) and Amalthya (8th) will be given to Elrandor in exchange.
Thanks a lot to Elrandor!

The rewards :

You'll receive your rewards later today!

And so end this edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth.

Thanks everyone !

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  1. Another great edition ❤️ Congratulations to the winners and all the participants, it was a real pleasure to visit your creations!


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