#4 : Elrandor
#4 : Elrandor

#4 : Elrandor

#4 : Elrandor

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HWIME #16 - The Final Fifteen

Address : 2 Glenmouth Path

Neighborhood :  Fontigar - Lyndelby

Language & Server : English - Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

In the hidden annals of Middle-earth, where the whispers of ages past linger like the forgotten echoes of a song, there lies a realm veiled in mystery—the venerable fortress of Shathurgathol. The very name, uttered in the ancient tongue of the Khazâd, conjures the image of a stronghold aloft the clouds, a testament to the resilience of a people once scorned.

Forged in the crucible of the Greymauls rebellion, Shathurgathol stands as a silent sentinel, concealed within the folds of a hidden valley, obscured by the ancient spells woven by the hands of the Dwarven craftsmen. As the flames of the Sunder-Battle raged, and the settlement of Biriz-zahar transformed into the now known Sundergrot, a secret path carved into the very heart of the mountains led the steadfast few to this bastion of hope.

Shathurgathol, a fortress hewn from the living rock, bears the scars of the ages, yet its grandeur remains untouched by the passage of time. Cloaked in the earth's embrace, it is almost invisible from afar, a mere whisper against the rugged peaks. Yet, to those privy to the ancient ways and the lore of the Khazâd, its magnificence unveils itself with every step closer.

Within the granite walls, remnants of the Greymauls endure, guardians of a legacy steeped in the tapestry of the North. Under the watchful eye of the Warden of the Keys, they have weathered the storms of solitude, a reclusive people bound by an oath of honor. Three ages have passed, and the Riverland-Hobbits, oblivious to the existence of their enigmatic neighbors, go about their peaceful lives, unaware of the quiet resilience hidden in the shadows.

The Greymauls, custodians of Shathurgathol, cling to the ancient traditions, their gaze fixed upon the promise of redemption. For in the prophecy of their forefathers, the honor lost in the tumultuous days of the Sunder-Battle will be restored, and the pardon they seek will come to fruition when Durin himself acknowledges their final role in the turning tides of destiny. And so, Shathurgathol remains, a fortress in the clouds, a bastion of enduring pride, awaiting the day when the wheel of fate shall turn in their favor.

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