Yard Hooks Consolidation and other news
Yard Hooks Consolidation and other news

Yard Hooks Consolidation and other news

Yard Hooks Consolidation and other news

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Some new things are coming with U31.1, released today.

Hello my decorator friends !

With update 31.1 coming today on our servers, we’ll have some new housing stuff to talk about.

Before that, I just want to let you know that I’m still working on the Gundabad expansion housing items.
Most of these are already on the website but I still have to find some time to add the rest of them.

Now, let’s talk about hooks consolidation.

Yard Hooks Consolidation

So, we got hooks consolidation for interiors a few months ago (which, if you’ve tinkered with your houses since then, is quite game changing!) and now yard hooks are also getting the same treatment.

After today’s update:

  • ‘Small Yard’ and ‘Large Yard’ will be changed into a single ‘Yard’ hook. 

Simple yet efficient!

This also means that I will have to go through each of the 1200+ items affected by this update to change their categories… A work I’ll start later this week. I’m also going to do the same thing I did with interior hooks consolidation : keeping two sub-categories for filtering yard items by size (‘small-sized yards’ and ‘large-sized yards’).

Update: (12/9/2021)

  • New ‘Yard’ category and sub-categories added to the main menu
  • Yard items were updated with new categories and descriptions

Oh and before I forget, U31.1 is also coming with a few new deco items for Gundabad (that I will add on the website soon) and Yule Hobbit presents are also back in-game!

Enjoy this update, and I’ll be back after all this work is done to talk about Housing Week in Middle-Earth contest and … Erebor housing!


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