Lyndelby has arrived!

Pack your bags, we’re moving to Lyndelby!

Hello everyone,

Update 37 launched today and – you already know it if you’re following the news on the website – it brings Lyndelby homesteads and a lot of new stuff for housing nerds.

Let’s take a look at what has changed as of today, and let’s see what I still have to do in order to update the website accordingly.

Lyndelby Homesteads

Firstly, the doors to the Lyndelby homesteads have just been opened. You can now acquire your own hobbit smial in one of the Lyndelby neighborhoods.

I’ve already done a few previews of the neighborhood, so I won’t be long here and I’ll lead you directly to the new Lyndelby presentation page that you can now find in the Homesteads menu.

Lyndelby presentation

That page has been updated with everything you need to know about this new neighborhood.  I’ve also added the interactive map to it, in which you’ll be able to find prices, addresses, and pictures of every house available.

On the same note, I also updated two related pages:

Introduction to LotRO Housing (updated some info related to available neighborhoods and hooks)

Classic vs Premium Housing comparison (updated the page with data about Lyndelby)


Housing Hooks

You already know that since I made a post about it a month ago, but many changes to the hooks system happened today.

From the patchnotes:

  • Doormats can now be used on Furniture hooks.
  • Small Rug decorations can now be used on Doormat hooks.
  • Floor hooks have been consolidated with Furniture hooks.
  • Firepits now accept Furniture and Yard deco items.
  • Yard hooks now accept all Furniture decorations.
  • Furniture hooks now accept all Yard decorations.

If you read my previous post about it, you know that I already made all the changes needed on the website in August.

I updated more than 2,000 deco items and all the hooks to reflect those changes.

River Hobbit Bundles

You are probably aware of this already, but new River Hobbit bundles are available in the LotRO Store.

There are 3 tiers, and the last 2 are offering exclusive deco items. Those two bundles have already been added to the website and those new items are already on the database.

River Hobbit Bundles

New Housing Items

Now, let’s talk about the work I still have to do. And there is a lot of it!

To do list:

  • Adding Fence category and the new fence items (which come from various barterers across Middle-Earth).
  • Adding every new item added to the new Lyndelby Housing Furnisher (150+).
  • The Lyndelby housing furnisher also has items that are from the Shire housing furnisher, I’ll have to reflect those changes.
  • The ambient furnisher has been updated, and now the ones from Lyndelby & Erebor also have items that were only on the Rohan one before. This needs to be updated on the website too.

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do and it won’t be done in a few days. So, let’s be patient and we’ll have a D&Co du Milieu website fully updated in a few weeks.

I’ll keep this post updated to let you know what I did and what is still to be done.

Note: everything has been updated on the website and all new deco items have been added.

Enjoy Lyndelby and the update, and I’ll see you in-game once everything is done on my side.

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