7th Anniversary Contests – Results

It’s time for the draw!

To celebrate D&Co du Milieu 7th Anniversary, we had 2 contests in August (more here).

I did the draws yesterday and it’s now time for rewards!

I thank everyone who participate, both here, on discord and on the D&Co du Milieu Coffee page for the mugs, and I take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners.

Thanks everyone!

Draw #1 – Website Contest (Comments)

Here are the results of the draws:

(reminder: everyone who left a comment on the website in August had one chance to win one of the prizes)

Draw #2 - Discord Contest (Screenshots)

Here are the results of the draw:

I created a gallery of all the screenshot received.

Congratulations everyone!

You’ll receive your reward later today (check your emails or discord PM).

Have fun and thanks everyone for participating. 🙂

D&Co du Milieu

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