The X8-Creator’s Selection
The X8-Creator’s Selection

The X8-Creator’s Selection

The X8-Creator’s Selection

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On your marks, get set, GO!

Today, now that a few weeks have passed since the competition opened, I am pleased to share my selection with you.

It was with great pleasure that I discovered each of your creations to be more original than the last! Right now, I want to congratulate everybody. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us and thank you for taking the time to imagine all this. Bravo!

I, therefore, in my best conscience selected 12 creations that I most prefer.

Here we go:

My Selection

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#1 – Aenhir

Creator’s description:

"The Middle Earth hides several wonders of antiquity, one of which is the Golden Tower of Glorendel, built at the dawn of the Second Age as one of the most distant watchtowers the Noldor maintained in the Hithaeglir (the Misty Mountains), even before Elendil the Tall founded Arnor.
Since then, long years have passed and even the elves left and forgot this tower, which however was discovered by the river hobbits who settled Lyndelby, and preserved the tower as a tribute to the awe of beautiful people.
Even if today its upper levels are abandoned and empty, many mysteries and wonders of ancient wisdom still lie in the deepest foundations of Minas Glorendel."

#2 - Cementarri

Creator’s description:

"I wish I had the ability to create something really out of this world but I'm just too grounded in the soil and in all things natural. Hoping this spot would be inviting to anyone wishing to while away a few hours listening to the soft ripple of the fountain while a gentle breeze caresses their cheek."

#3 - Dorfast

Creator’s description:

"Gandalf and his 12 apostles."

#4 - Erzamel

Creator’s description:

"Here's Pinkman's farm, organic pipe-weed, hand-grown and dried, 100% Shire... well, that's what is written on the packaging..."

#5 - Innovation

Creator’s description:

"Sam racing to the festival to see the new decorations."

#6 - Izabeaux

Creator’s description:

"It's perpetually autumn in this little corner of Bree-land. The soft rugs and glowing fire beckon weary adventurers to spend a peaceful evening with their favorite book."

#7 - Moskin

Creator’s description:

"Today's feature is the aquarium in the Lyndelby marketplace of Moskin Gardens.
Come see the aquatic feature and the rest of the beautiful estate & luxury shopping experience at 2 Glenmouth Path, Bangurith, Lyndelby on Crickhollow server!"

#8 - Nooby

Creator’s description:

"The "Erebor Phighting Pheasants" practice for a game of Capture the Golden Egg at their home stadium as the team owners view from the sky box suite."

#9 - Numendur

Creator’s description:

"A quiet evening in the palace antechamber"

#10 - Othlenor

Creator’s description:

"The Grotto.

A grassy indoor arboretum where one can find peace and comfort... or take a nap."

#11 - Truk_Deco

Creator’s description:

"A Belfalas Manor of a high Lord.
Theme: Past Kings ; 6 Bay Road, Tham Elenath (Crickhollow).
These rooms depict upper Atruim rooms designed for relaxation and rest where one can enjoy all the joys of nature and all comforts of a closed atrium roof together with the tranquil sounds of flowing fountains and with some local wild life. Stay for the weekend then return to your normal routine a renew soul."

#12 - TweediaBlue

Creator’s description:

"A Tranquil Grove"

Votes / Jury / Rules

I am pleased today to announce the 5 members of the jury I selected for this contest.
The members of the jury are:

  • Scenario
  • Khelsi
  • Edward
  • Kaels
  • and myself...

Scenario's Choice:
Scenario (World Builder) will choose his favorite creation and the winner will receive 500 LotRO points.

The voting system:

  • Each creation is given an average score from 1 to 10 made up of the public’s and the jury’s votes.
  • The weighting is as follows: 40% for the jury’s votes, 60% for the public’s.


Scenario's Choice: 500 LotRO Points (cumulative)
First place:
 1500 LotRO Points + Sleeping Grey Cat
2nd place: 1000 LotRO Points + Sleeping Grey Cat
3rd place: 500 LotRO Points + Sleeping Grey Cat
4th  place: 500 LotRO Points + Sleeping Grey Cat
5th -> 10th places: Sleeping Grey Cat

The rules:

  • You have until Sunday, November 12th at 11:59pm (EST time) to vote and elect “The X8-Creator.
  • You can rate each creation anything from 1 to 10.
  • You can vote for one or more creations; there are no restrictions.
  • One vote per person (I’m watching you :p!).

You may vote for yourself if you like.
Results will be announced as soon as is possible.

Play fair!

  • Votes like “I give myself a 10 and everyone else a 1” will be refused. You may give yourself a 10, but votes which intentionally attempt to damage the average scores of other creations will not be counted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


Good luck,
D&Co du Milieu

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