U38 – Housing Preview

Want to know what is waiting for you, housing nerds, with the Umbar (U38) expansion pack?

Updated with new items from B3


U38, Corsairs of Umbar, has been available on Bullroarer for the past several weeks and while I understand that most of you have probably been chilling on the beach in the Shield Islands or on the Cape of Umbar, I’ve been surveying the new housing items so let’s take a look at those now!

There are currently more than 130 new items and I’ve seen a few more in the game’s database that will probably be added as quest/deed rewards.

But let’s take a look at what we already have!

Reminder: the new Ultimate Expansion Pack teleport item

I already published this a few weeks ago, but for those who missed it, here you go! This item will be available for everyone who purchases the Ultimate pack, and it will allow you to travel to the city of Umbar.

(And yes, you can also put it inside your house!)

New items available for Housing Writs

I know, you’re wondering why I’m talking about Housing Writs.
Well, instead of putting these decorations in the LotRO Store, SSG has decided to make them available for Housing Writs instead.

Crafting stations costs 2 Writs, while Stable-masters Stands costs 3.

If you do the math, this is probably more or less what they would have cost in the store. So now, instead of having to launch the store, you’ll just have to find the Umbar Housing Furnisher and use your writs to buy these items.

I guess they probably want to stop you from stockpiling those writs. The good news is that, if you combine double bonus points offers and writs sales, this is going to be cheaper than buying it directly from the store!

Anyway, here you go for the new items available for Writs:

Other Items

There are many new items that were added to the Umbar area. Some were added for gold coins to the Umbar Housing Furnisher, and other were added to the Umbar reputation barterer.

New items are mostly Vines and Surfaces, but there are a few new Fences also.

I’m not going to display all of the new Decorative structures for the moment, but here are the new Surfaces available.

New Surfaces (Floor):

New Surfaces (Wall):

Fences and Misc items:

And here are the Vines I was talking about too:

New items added with Bullroarer #3

So, they added new items from the Umbar Rep and Allegiance barterers.

I'm going to warn you, these are just gorgeous! 

As mentioned earlier, these may not be the only items available since some items are showing in the database but have not been available in-game.

So you may expect new items from quests & deeds, and also probably from the 2 new allegiance reputations.

As always, as soon as the update goes live, everything will be added to the website in the following days/weeks!

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