Results : X8-Creator Contest

It’s time… Results are in !

The results are in and it’s time to show you the ranking of this contest.

Those who are not mentioned below will always have the opportunity to ask for more precision through the comments or the Contact section.

Thanks to all the participants, voters, and to my honorable members of the jury! 😉

Let’s go for the top 4, Scenario’s Choice, and then we’ll see who won a Best House trophy (5th to 10th positions).

#4 - Izabeaux

Edward: "Nice set, that's the definition of cosy isn't it? All that's missing is a hot drink."

Yao: "Sublime harmony of colors. I love it!"

Kaels: "A seasonal decoration, the atmosphere, the colors, the use of this beautiful fireplace, everything is indeed in a very autumnal theme. It makes you want to spend the long winter days in this place."

Audience Average: 6.94 - Jury Average: 7.63 - Overall Score: 7.22

#3 - Innovation

Kaels: "We all knew Sam was a gamer."

Khelsi: "True to the nickname, very innovative computer design, very well done!"

Scenario: "One of the most creative (and anachronisitic) uses of decoration I've seen in a while"

Audience Average: 7.65 - Jury Average: 6.75 - Overall Score: 7.29

#2 - Moskin

Kaels: "A fine achievement (all the more so when you visit the house) and could be adapted to other decorations to give the impression of a bay window or to create atmosphere."

Edward: "It's always a bit bluffing, but the effect works well."

Audience Average: 7.58 - Jury Average: 7.13 - Overall Score: 7.40

#1 - Aenhir

Yao: "Gorgeous. Looks like a real castle that we could have found in-game! Kudos."

Edward: "A pretty bouquet of trees takes hold of this old tower. Architecturally, it even looks functional"

Khelsi: "Very harmonious, both in terms of volumes and colors. The tower blends in well with the setting and looks as if it's straight out of an elven zone in the game."

Audience Average: 8.26 - Jury Average: 8.63 - Overall Score: 8.40

Scenario's Choice : Aenhir

Scenario (LotRO Lead World Builder and Housing Master) :

"The mobile yard hooks really worked to their advantage and allowed them to create a palace on their front yard! The trees and other natural assets surrounding it make the structure feel like something we might have built ourselves in LOTRO."

Congratulations, Aenhir, you're the new X-Creator ! 



Here are the rewards:

  • First place (Aenhir): 1500 LotRO Points + Sleeping Grey Cat
  • 2nd place (Moskin): 1000 LotRO Points + Sleeping Grey Cat
  • 3rd place (Innovation): 500 LotRO Points + Sleeping Grey Cat
  • 4th place (Izabeaux): 500 LotRO Points + Sleeping Grey Cat
  • Scenario’s Choice (Aenhir): 500 LotRO Points 
  • 5th to 10th places (in that order: Cementarri, Nooby, TweediaBlue, Othlenor, Numendur & Erzamel): Sleeping Grey Cat

You'll received your rewards tomorrow (don't forget to check your emails).

Many thanks to all, congratulations to the winners, and see you soon for new D&Co's adventures!

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