Wildwood (U29) – Housing Items Preview
Wildwood (U29) – Housing Items Preview

Wildwood (U29) – Housing Items Preview

Wildwood (U29) – Housing Items Preview

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The next update is currently on Bullroarer for its last preview. Let’s take a look at what’s new for home owners in Middle Earth!

Post Updated (3/11/2021)

New items from Wildwood Reputations Barterers

Wildwood comes with 2 reputations, and each one has it’s own decoration items.

The Wildwood Missions NPC also have a deco item to barter.

There is also a Wildwood Music Box.

(Full list)

New items from Wildwood Instances

Wildwood comes with 2 new instances, and both are droping deco items.

(3 items are missing here – Thanks Laurel !)

That’s all for today but I will update this post if I see something new in the next few days! As soon as U29 will reach the live servers, every item will be added to the D&Co du Milieu database.

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