Results : X6-Creator Contest
Results : X6-Creator Contest

Results : X6-Creator Contest

Results : X6-Creator Contest

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It’s time… Results are in !

The results are in and it’s time to show you the ranking of this contest.

Those who are not mentioned below will always have the opportunity to ask for more precision through the comments or the Contact section.

Thanks to all the participants, voters, and to my honorable members of the jury! 😉

Let’s go for the top 4, Scenario’s Choice, and then we’ll see who won a Best House trophy (5th to 10th positions).


#4 - Laurel

Khelsi (7): "I love the concept and the execution!"

Prunaprismia (8): "A very nice garden, I really like the statue of Luthien with the stars, it's a very good idea! The memory walls are very nice but in my opinion a more "natural" rendering would have been just as nice!"

Audience Average: 7.5 - Jury Average: 7.2 - Overall Score: 7.38

#3 - Aenhir

Khelsi (9): "I love the peaceful atmosphere of it, and it's a nice change from the libraries we usually see. Bilbo adds a little life to the picture, very nice realization!"

Kaels (8): "A very nice library to which the floor brings something different from what we usually see in those places, and what a joy to find dear Bilbo!"

Edward (8): "Very nice set, full of ideas. The stairs to get to the terrace seem a bit tricky to me, but the idea is great."

Audience Average: 7.4 - Jury Average: 8.2 - Overall Score: 7.72

#2 - Elainos

Prunaprismia (9): "I also laughed a lot while discovering the Galaxy Bowling 😀 an overflowing imagination which combines with a superb execution, it is very successful!"

Yao (9): "I laughed when I saw this. A very original creation and a great use of the Decorative Walls."

Kaels (9): "A lot of originality for this creation, very well done. The initial idea was a bit crazy, but it works very well !"

Edward (7): "I didn't expect it. We have to admit that it's a success. Only the scoreboard and the refreshment stand are missing.
Bravo for the originality."

Audience Average: 7.6 - Jury Average: 8 - Overall Score: 7.76

#1 - Elrandor

Prunaprismia (10): "Perfection. Great work, great imagination! I'm completely amazed by the final result, you could totally find this spa in a secret room in Aldburg! The walls are very well used and optimized to create the benches or braziers, it's really perfectly in the theme. I will visit this spa in game, bravo!"

Yao (9): "That's exactly what I wanted to see with those new Decorative Walls : something new, something we don't currently have in-game. Bravo Elrandor."

Kaels (10): "A very nice work on this spa combining simplicity and refinement. The geometry of the place is perfect and the details are awesome. One could quite find this spa in-game, to recover from our emotions after a mounted-combat session."

Edward (9.5): "It's amazing. It is very successful, I see myself well after a day of riding. I have nothing to complain about."

Khelsi (10): "It is very original in addition to being extremely well done, it makes you want to take a dip!"

Audience Average: 7.34 - Jury Average: 9.7 - Overall Score: 8.28

Scenario's Choice : Zicky

Scenario (LotRO Lead World Builder and Housing Master) :

"There were a lot of great entries for this contest, and very creative uses of the new Decorative Walls. The bowling alley in particular made me laugh when I saw it!

For my judging method, I focused heavily on the layouts that felt like the kinds of spaces we ourselves might build, with the use of deco objects providing a finished detail to the scene.

Zicky's submission, ultimately, got my vote. In constructing the Tomb of the Forgotten Dwarf-Lord, it felt like they were adding a sense of dark adventure to their home - with the dragon skulls and cobwebs adding a sense of foreboding to the space. It's not overly detailed but seems appropriately well-appointed for its setting.

And it makes me really want to make a bunch of cobweb deco objects for you all!"

Congratulations, Elrandor, you're the new X6-Creator ! 



Here are the rewards:

  • First place (Elrandor): 1500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 2nd place (Elainos): 1000 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 3rd place (Aenhir): 500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 4th place (Laurel): 500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • Scenario’s Choice (Zicky): 500 LotRO Points 
  • 5th to 10th places (in that order: Strategy, Vulpex, Ravenwitch, Himeriya, Cementarri, & Roamer): Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy

You'll received your rewards later today/tomorrow (don't forget to check your emails).

Many thanks to all, congratulations to the winners, and see you soon for new D&Co's adventures!

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  1. Jurrubin

    The imagination and innovation of these designs is amazing. Thank you all for submitting your designs and merci beaucoup, Dec du Milieu, for posting them!


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