The X6-Creator’s Selection
The X6-Creator’s Selection

The X6-Creator’s Selection

The X6-Creator’s Selection

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Contests News The X6-Creator

On your marks, get set, GO!

Today, now that a few weeks have passed since the competition opened, I am pleased to share my selection with you.

It was with great pleasure that I discovered each of your 23 creations to be more original than the last! Right now, I want to congratulate everybody. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us and thank you for taking the time to imagine all this. Bravo!

I, therefore, in my best conscience selected 15 creations that I most prefer. Here we go:

My Selection

* Click images to enlarge *

#1 – Aenhir

Creator’s description:
"Mae govannen! I propose the recreation of a library of the fallen Ost-in-Edhil, capital of the last Noldorin kingdom of Eregion. A statue of Vairë, the wise Valier weaver of fates awaits to share her wisdom with you through the countless books. The different platforms are walkable and I invite you to join this corner of calmly wisdom and inspect it yourself. The gates of the Utúlie’n Aurë kinhouse are open to you at Laurelin server, Tol Falthui, Nan Tiriel neighbourhood, in the Belfalas Homesteads. Best regards and good luck!, Annali len! Aenhir."

#2 - Agvar

Creator’s description:
"Creation ‘Ancient Bathtime’ Inspired by the waterworks of Khazad-dûm. Has not been cleaned for a good while."

#3 - Cementarri

Creator’s description:
"Just a little indoor elven garden for quiet reflection or composing music or poems or just napping."

#4 - Elrandor

Creator’s description:
"My Rohirrim spa. I tried to explore as much as possible the possibilities of decorative walls (5 different types here) to create a complete 360° room: floor, ceiling, walls, stairs, benches, etc. There is not an inch of the original house in this room (I did not use the possibility to use the "free" surface and color hooks - floor & walls)."

#5 - Elainos

Creator’s description:
"Cosmic adventures await you at Galaxy Bowling~~~* I laughed and giggled so much creating this in anticipation of sharing! This idea just sprung out at me early one morning and I was able to put together a super fun childhood memory I’m sure other’s will enjoy and relate with. I do plan on elaborating this creation further because there’s many hooks left available, 15 is just the beginning!"

#6 - Gufor

Creator’s description:
"A cave full of treasures and dangers awaiting its share of adventurers..."

#7 - Himeriya

Creator’s description:
"I wanted to create the most “living” and compact kitchen, where everything you need is at hand."

#8 - Irialeth

Creator’s description:

#9 - Laurel

Creator’s description:
"This is my Varda’s Crafting station rendition – she was said to collect the dew from the Two Trees in Wells and craft stars and constellations with it. I used Luthien’s statue to represent her hanging her creations in the sky."

#10 - Roamer

Creator’s description:
"The Sacred Altar of Infinity was put together by using a great number of Decorative Walls of Memory (First style) to create an enclosed yet seemingly unending space. Since in reality it’s a rather small “room” on all sides, I had some difficulties taking screenshots from all angles so I hope those provided will suffice. It’s based in a Rohan Kingstead home, down in the cellar."

#11 - Ravenwitch

Creator’s description:
"Those fishes you caught on the lazy afternoons don’t have to be taxidermized. They can live happily in your fish tank, right in your house!"

#12 - Strategy

Creator’s description:
"The Three Little Pigs. As the wolf destroys the house of straw and house of sticks, the third pig sleeps comfortably in his sturdy house of bricks."

#13 - Vulpex

Creator’s description:
"A Rohirrim chapel"

#14 - Zeph

Creator’s description:
"Guest Room in the Kinship house"

#15 - Zicky

Creator’s description:
"Tomb of a Forgotten Dwarf-Lord"

Votes / Jury / Rules

I am pleased today to announce the 5 members of the jury I selected for this contest.
The members of the jury are:

  • Prunaprismia
  • Khelsi
  • Edward
  • Kaels
  • and myself...

Scenario's Choice: Scenario (World Builder) will choose his favorite creation and the winner will receive 500 lotro points.

The voting system:

  • Each creation is given an average score from 1 to 10 made up of the public’s and the jury’s votes.
  • The weighting is as follows: 40% for the jury’s votes, 60% for the public’s.


Scenario's Choice: 500 LotRO Points (cumulative)
First place:
 1500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
2nd place: 1000 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
3rd place: 500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
4th  place: 500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
5th -> 10th places: Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy

The rules:

  • You have until Sunday, May 15th at 11:59pm EDT time to vote and elect “The X6-Creator.
  • You can rate each creation anything from 1 to 10.
  • You can vote for one or more creations; there are no restrictions.
  • One vote per person (I’m watching you :p!).

You may vote for yourself if you like.
Results will be announced as soon as is possible.

Play fair!

  • Votes like “I give myself a 10 and everyone else a 1” will be refused. You may give yourself a 10, but votes which intentionally attempt to damage the average scores of other creations will not be counted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

- Results will be published soon -

Good luck,
D&Co du Milieu

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  1. Jurrubin

    I almost fainted at the level of creativity I see in these pictures. They are all stupendous! I never thought such artistry was possible in Lotro. I’m so happy I was wrong.


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