D&Co du Milieu
PatchNote – DeCo du Milieu Database (2023)

PatchNote – DeCo du Milieu Database (2023)

This page allows you to see the latest added items as well as the modifications (images and others) made on each post.


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Website Updates 

December 2023

Database Updates


12/07/2023 - Added the new items from Yule Festival (+3)

12/06/2023 - Added the new items from Yule Hobbit Gifts (+5)
12/06/2023 - Added the new items from the rank 15 of the Ledger-Keppers Allegiance (+1)
12/06/2023 - Added the new item from the rank15 of the Order of the Eagle allegiance (+1)
12/06/2023 - Citizens of Umbar rep barterer: added Ambient Environments (+7)


12/08/2023 - Updated the name of the old Yule Tree deco item

12/06/2023 - Updated the Yule Hobbit Presents list of items with old items from Midsummer

November 2023

Database Updates


11/30/2023 - Added all the new Ambient music boxes from U38 (+6)

11/20/2023 - Added the new items from the Ledger-Keppers Allegiance (+2)

11/15/2023 - Added the new items from Lootboxes and Rowan Raspberry (+7)
11/15/2023 - Added the new items from the new season of the Reward Track (+8)
11/15/2023 - Added the new items from the Order of the Eagle allegiance (+3)

11/13/2023 - Citizens of Umbar rep barterer: added more items (+46)

11/11/2023 - Citizens of Umbar rep barterer: added some new items (+14)

11/10/2023 - Umbar Housing Furnisher: added more new items (+26)

11/09/2023 - Umbar Housing Furnisher: added some new items (+65)
11/09/2023 - Added the Ultimate Xpac exclusive item (+1)
11/09/2023 - King's Gondor Rep Barterer: added the new items (+2)
11/09/2023 - Return to Carn Dûm Barterer: added the new Angmarim Greenhouse decorative walls (+4)


11/09/2023 - Updated prices for all Return to Carn Dûm decorative walls (it's now 15 tokens for all and not 25 for Tall walls)

October 2023

Database Updates





September 2023

Database Updates


9/7/2023 - Added Decorative Structures from East Gondor reputation barterers that I totally missed from the U35 update (+6)

9/6/2023 - Added new items from the Lyndelby Housing Furnisher (+64)

9/2/2023 - Added new items from the Lyndelby Housing Furnisher (+46)

9/1/2023 - Added new items from the Lyndelby Housing Furnisher (+28)


9/20/2023 - Created a new sub-category for the LotRO Store that displays only Limited-time Offers. This was done in order to only display items currently available in the LotRO Store category.
9/20/2023 - Added coloration pictures for this floor : Grey Flagstone Floor
9/20/2023 - (Premium) Ingredient Crate, added more informations to this item.
9/20/2023 - Small Map of Bingo in Middle-earth, replaced old screenshots with shiny new ones.

9/2/2023 - Fixed an issue with a Delving Housing item having the wrong hook on the website.

August 2023

Database Updates


8/31/2023 - Added new items from the Lyndelby Housing Furnisher (+17)
8/31/2023 - Added the new items coming from the Lyndelby Homesteads intro quests (+5)

8/30/2023 - Added the new fence and created the associated category (+29)

8/29/2023 - Added the new items from the River Hobbit Bundles (+5)

8/18/2023 - Added the new item from Farmers Faire festival (+1)


More than 2,000 changes on deco items and hooks to reflect the changes coming with U37.

July 2023

Database Updates


7/12/2023 - Added the 2 new items from Filbert Fig (+2)


7/12/2023 - Moved some old items from seasonal Figments of Splendour vendors to Curator

7/02/2023 - Fixed an mistake with names of 2 banners from Azanulbizar.

June 2023

Database Updates


6/21/2023 - Added the 2 music boxes from King's Gondor Reputation Barterer (+2)

6/19/2023 - Added a rare drop deco item from Delvings (+1)
6/19/2023 - Added the special reward you can obtain during the Magic the Gathering Online event (+1)

6/8/2023 - Added new items from Midsummer Festival (+8)

6/1/2023 - Added new items from King's Gondor Reputation Barterer (+8)


6/24/2023 - Updated the 'Not Obtainable Anymore' tag list.

May 2023

Database Updates


5/30/2023 - Added a new item from the community loot list (+1)

5/5/2023 - Added new items from the Homesteads & Harvests Coffers (+53)



April 2023

Database Updates


4/23/2023 - Added the new music files from 'Return to Carn Dûm' Instances (+2)
4/23/2023 - Added some decorative structures from Gundabad Rep Barterers (+14)
4/23/2023 - Added the Keeper of Mysteries decorative floor (+1)

4/20/2023 - Added new items from the Anniversary Celebration (+6)

4/19/2023 - Added new items from Myrtle Mint (+6)


Some work has been done on the website to reduce the numbers of decorative structures (floors, walls, stairs) on category and search pages. 

March 2023

Database Updates


3/23/2023 - Added the new Rock from Bree Housing Furnishers (+1)
3/23/2023 - Added new items from Felegoth Barterers (+2)
3/23/2023 - Added new item from Minas Morgul Barterers (+1)
3/23/2023 - Added new items from Grey Mountains Barterers (+17)
3/23/2023 - Added new item from Bert Bartelby in Enedwaith (+1)
3/23/2023 - Added new items from Return to Carn Dûm instance barterer (+27)

3/9/2023 - Added new items from Spring Festival (+14)



February 2023

Database Updates





January 2023

Database Updates


1/29/2023 - Added new deco items from Caras Gelebren skirmish (+3)

1/12/2023 - Added new deco added to the Delving barterers (+6)
1/12/2023 - Added new deco added to Before the Shadow missions (+3)

1/11/2023 - Added new music boxes from Swanfleet/Cardolan (+6)

1/6/2023 - Added new items from Sarch Vorn instance (+2)
1/6/2023 - Added new items from Caras Gelebren skirmish (+5)

1/4/2023 - Added Ambient Environment from Swanfleet/Cardolan (+6)
1/4/2023 - Added the quest reward from Swanfleet area (+1)




Last Updates

This is a good way to know what changes have been made on D&Co du Milieu.

Version 7.2.4 - 12/13/2023

  • Members Section: fixed an issue with research while filtering by servers
  • Members Section: changed wording on "Yule/Halloween" themed house filters.
  • Members Section: (!!) If you previously checked the "Yule/Halloween" themed house filters on your profile, you'll need to do it again. Sorry.
  • Changed the way caption text on images are displayed

Version 7.2.3 - 12/10/2023

  • Fixed an issue with pictures (Members section) that were broken after each edit.

Version 7.2.2 - 12/07/2023

  • Increased the number of posts displayed for the Ambient Music category
  • NEW - Members Section: you can now add if you have a Yule/Halloween themed house. You can now also filter people having Yule/Halloween themed houses on the members list.

Version 7.2.1 - 11/23/2023

  • Fixed an issue with hover effects on deco items in news/event posts that were missing since last update

Version 7.2 - 11/22/2023

Changed the way posts are displayed in general. 

  • NEW: Posts and Posts metas are now two separate sections (and not a single block anymore)
  • Removed sharing buttons (no one use these, just copy the url links!)
  • Removed the "About Yao" block
  • Fixed the appearance of the AfterPost block for Mobile screens
  • Related Posts blocks on Mobile Screens are now displayed inline at full width (instead of small ugly blocks)
  • Added new effects on the Next/Previous post blocks
  • Increased margin between text and images on posts and pages
  • Increased margin between galleries and images on posts and pages

Version 7.1.1 - 11/20/2023

  • Menu: the Reputation menu now displays "Mordor (+ King's Gondor)" instead of just "Mordor".
  • Fixed an issue with misaligned subscribe button on the footer.

Version 7.1 - 10/25/2023

  • Server update and file cleanup
  • Database update
  • Increased server RAM up to 45GB
  • Fixed an issue with images uploaded on August 2016 not loading properly / mixed with other images since the server transfer
  • Fixed a backend issue with editing tools
  • Fixed a caching issue with the menu
  • Fixed an issue with gallery on pages not centered properly
  • Reworked some code to improve performance

Version 7.0.11 - 10/3/2023

  • Fixed an issue with tables that have more than 3 columns not displaying entirely on small screens. You can now scroll to the right to see the additional columns.

Version 7.0.10 - 9/20/2023

  • Tweaked the hovering effect you have on deco items from category pages.

Version 7.0.9 - 9/14/2023

  • NEW: The navigation menu will now disappear when scrolling down on the site's pages, to improve page readability. It will reappear as soon as you scroll up.
  • Fixed an issue with social icons having a weird appearance since a plugin update

Version 7.0.8 - 8/31/2023

  • Fixed an issue with tiled gallery size

Version 7.0.7 - 8/27/2023

Added complex queries to the search form:

  • The "+" operator makes the word it’s attached to mandatory.
    Searching for "table map" will include all posts that have one of these words. Searching for "table +map" requires all posts returned to include the word “map”, and they may also include “table”. 
  • The "-" operator excludes a word from the results.
    Searching for "table" returns all posts that have the word “table”, including “stables”. Searching for "table -stable" returns all posts that have the word "table", minus the ones that have the word "stable".

Version 7.0.6 - 7/26/2023

  • Main menu: changed the way the "Homesteads" menu works in order to make room for ... Lyndelby!
  • Fixed an issue with the "News" menu not displaying properly on small screens (mobile)
  • Fixed an issue with the main menu not opening correctly on small screens (mobile)
  • Fixed an issue with the main menu not taking 100% of the available space on small screens (mobile)
  • Fixed a cache issue with forms

Version 7.0.5 - 7/25/2023

  • Updated the bug report form. You can now add comments to it, and I'll be able to reach you back to let you know I fixed the bug (or not). 

Version 7.0.4 - 7/21/2023

  • New: Users who are already members will no longer have to enter their names and email addresses when using various forms (voting, participating in contests) on the website. The information will already be pre-filled.
  • Optimization of the overall website code to save disk space. Removal of 25GB of unused images.
  • Backend code optimization to better handle the bulk editing of hundreds of articles at once...
  • Fixed a display bug in the menu on the Edge browser.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the opening of certain posts if the visitor had previously viewed the same article in the same session.
  • Fixed a display bug with some photos following the removal of the sidebar.
  • Security updates.

Version 7.0.3 - 7/11/2023

  • Optimized and reduced database size by another 36% to improve server performance
  • (Evilly) Updated participation & voting forms (...)

Version 7.0.2 - 7/8/2023

  • Fixed a bug preventing confirmation emails to be sent while submitting a form or registering from the website.

Version 7.0.1 - 6/8/2023

  • The sidebar has been removed from the site. Posts are now full-width.
  • Posts: posts footer has been reworked.
  • Posts: posts general appearance has been reworked.
  • Fixed a bug with duplicated maps from homesteads presentation pages.

Version 7.0 - 5/11/2023

NEW FEATURE : create your own page on D&Co du Milieu, share your addresses with others, look for people playing on your server and discover their profiles. You can now create your own profile page and become a member of the housing community!

→ Everything you need to know: New Member List

  • Fixed an issue with post headers not having the proper color
  • Menu: "Decoration Items" menu has been renamed to "Decorations"
  • Menu: "Location of Items" menu has been renamed to "Vendors"
  • (Beta2 - 5/12/23) Members List: page is now displaying profiles in a grid of 4 (instead of 3) on large screens
  • (Beta2 - 5/12/23) Members List: page is now displaying 32 profiles per page instead of 24
  • (Beta2 - 5/12/23) Work has been done to prevent spammers trying to register to the member section
  • (Beta3 - 5/13/23) Further work has been done to prevent spams on the register form.
  • (Beta4 - 5/23/23) Profile page: fixed an issue with embeded videos from YouTube not displaying properly.
  • (Beta4 - 5/23/23) Main Menu: "Location of Items" menu is back.
  • (Beta4 - 5/23/23) Main Menu: tweaked menu size so it now displays properly everything in a single row
  • (Beta4 - 5/23/23) User "Edit" page: "table" menu has been removed
  • (Beta4 - 5/23/23) Removed some old lines of codes from the website
  • (Beta4 - 5/23/23) Optimized and reduced database size by 16% to improve server performance
  • (Beta5 - 5/23/23) New: you can now add a link to your Twitter and Discord account if you want to.
  • (Beta5 - 5/23/23) New: you can add a website link if you have a LotRO Blog or something like that.
  • (Beta5 - 5/23/23) The title section (the place where only I can add titles to your account) has been hidden from the user edit page.
  • (Beta5 - 5/23/23) Members List page: Server names are now displayed automatically under each profiles (instead of having to click to make it visible)
  • (Beta5 - 5/23/23) Members List page: sorting users by server name was not working, it has been fixed

Version 6.7.8 - 4/14/2023

  • Fixed an issue with comment forms. You can now again use Facebook/Twitter or WordPress accounts to comment on the website.

Version 6.7.7 - 4/12/2023

  • Posts in the Decorative Structures category are now displayed in 4 columns like every other deco items on the websit
  • KNOWN ISSUE: I had to temporarily remove the ability to comment using a Facebook, Twitter or WordPress account. This will be back in a future update.

Version 6.7.6 - 3/27/2023

  • Fixed an issue preventing users to load more than 31 items on a single archive/category page
  • Fixed a crashing issue while navigating on the landing page
  • Fixed an issue with images not loading properly while scrolling up if you reached website's footer before
  • Fixed an issue preventing people on Safari to use the event calendar properly

Version 6.7.5 - 1/14/2023

  • Database optimization and cleanup
  • Advanced Search: added Decorative Floors and Stairs to the tag list
  • Fix: some internal tags were displaying under some posts, they are now hidden again!