D&Co du Milieu
PatchNote – DeCo du Milieu Database (2024)

PatchNote – DeCo du Milieu Database (2024)

This page allows you to see the latest added items as well as the modifications (images and others) made on each post.




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Website Updates 

February 2024

Database Updates


2/14/2024 - Added all the new items from the Reward Track season 9 (+8)


2/16/2024 - Some Minas Morgul crafted items were having the wrong name, it has been fixed! 

January 2024

Database Updates




1/4/2024 - Updated a wrong price on an Herborist tree.


Last Updates

This is a good way to know what changes have been made on D&Co du Milieu.

Version 7.4.1 - 2/13/2024

  • Fixed an caching issue on the search page
  • Ability to rate deco items is back (reworked entirely the code allowing it to appear only on deco items since it was bugged)
  • Internal tags are now hidden on the advanced search dropdowns
  • Privacy: only people who are registered on the website can see Twitter/Discord links on the members section

Version 7.4 - 2/11/2024

  • Totally reworked the cache system, it should have greatly improved loading times of the entire website. 

Version 7.3 - 1/31/2024

Note: if you see any display issue, please, clear your cache & cookies!

  • Optimized & cleaned database
  • Optimized & cleaned website code
  • Fixed an issue on the server that was introduced when I moved the website on the new server
  • Added a temporary fix for a WordPress core issue
  • Fixed a display issue with event titles on the calendar page
  • Updated Icon Library and fixed an issue with the YouTube one
  • Tweaked the caching system to improve loading times

Version 7.2.4 - 12/13/2023

  • Members Section: fixed an issue with research while filtering by servers
  • Members Section: changed wording on "Yule/Halloween" themed house filters.
  • Members Section: (!!) If you previously checked the "Yule/Halloween" themed house filters on your profile, you'll need to do it again. Sorry.
  • Changed the way caption text on images are displayed