PatchNote – DeCo du Milieu Database (2024)

This page allows you to see the latest added items as well as the modifications (images and others) made on each post.










June 2024

New Items
+ 0


6/6/2024 – Added new items from Midsummer Festival (+13)

6/5/2024 – Added a new item from Umbar Quests (+1)


6/9/2024 – Midsummer Hobbit Gift category has been removed. 

May 2024

New Items
+ 0


5/18/2024 – Added new items from Umbar Housing Furnisher (+77)

5/15/2024 – Added new items from Umbar Rep Barterers (+24)
5/15/2024 – Added new items from Reward Track (+9)


April 2024

New Items
+ 0


4/18/2024 – Added new items from Anniversary Event (+2)


March 2024

New Items
+ 0


3/20/2024 – Added new items from Figments Barterers (+4)
3/20/2024 – Added new items from Umbar Instances (+12)

3/14/2024 – Added new items from Umbar Epic quest (+2)

3/13/2024 – Added new items from Spring Festival (+1)


February 2024

New Items
+ 0


2/14/2024 – Added all the new items from the Reward Track season 9 (+8)


2/16/2024 – Some Minas Morgul crafted items were having the wrong name, it has been fixed! 

January 2024

New Items
+ 0



1/4/2024 – Updated a wrong price on an Herborist tree.

This is a good way to know what changes have been made on D&Co du Milieu.

Website Updates


Version O 1.0.5 – 6/11/2024
  • Updated many pages to fix some bugs introduced with the theme update
  • Reworked Homestead pages so they better fit the new theme
  • Fixed an issue introduced with update 1.0.2: tables are now working on mobile/tablet
  • Guide page was missing links to the FAQ, this has been corrected
Version O 1.0.4 – 6/9/2024
  • Fixed many various broken links
  • Reworked the “About us” page

Version O 1.0.3 – 6/8/2024

  • Fixed font sizes in member/user/account pages
  • Fixed some button colors
  • Added a checkbox for registered user who want to disable page transitions effect. This can now be done from your user page.

Version O 1.0.2 – 6/8/2024

  • Fixed an issue with menu displaying weirdly on some page (mobile/tablet)
  • Ambient Music are now displaying properly in their own category (Ambient Music page). For now, they will stay like this on other categories.
  • Changed the way meta (hooks, categories, etc) are displayed on Deco Items. 
  • Tweaked Deco Item template for mobile/tablet
  • Contact, Submit an Item, and Bug report forms have been reworked
  • Known Issue: tables (i.e. for number of hooks on homestead pages) are not displaying properly at the moment on mobile/tablet

Version O 1.0.1 – 6/8/2024

  • Ads are back on the new website (sorry…)
  • Database & Server tweaks
  • Caching tweaks

Version O 1.0 – 6/7/2024

See more about Version Olivier here

  • Brand New Theme: Enjoy a refreshed visual experience.
  • Simplified Menu: A new menu design that is both intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Shiny Pre-loader: Added a pre-loader with a shiny effect between pages.
  • Homepage Update: Removed the Guide section for a cleaner look.
  • Redesigned Archive Pages: News and Deco Items are now displayed in a more organized manner.
  • Custom Deco Item Categories: Deco items are now in their own dedicated categories.
  • Reworked Deco Item Tags: Updated tags and categories for a more streamlined experience.
  • Hook Categories: All hooks now have a dedicated category, replacing the old sub-categories.
  • Size Tags: Items now have tags indicating their size: Small, Large, or Huge.
  • Style Tags: New style tags include Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Bree+Anor, Gondor, Rohan, Mordor, Umbar, Misc.
  • Type of Item Categories: Items are categorized by type, such as Buildings, Crafting Stations, Decorative Floors/Walls/Stairs, Flora, Furniture, Kitchen, Misc (Exterior), Misc (Interior), Rugs, and Statues.
  • Combined Tags: New tags combine multiple attributes to reduce clutter.
  • Dynamic Search Filters: Combine filters like “Small + Dwarf + Wall” to find exactly what you need.
  • Homestead Menu Overhaul: The Homestead menu now leads to a comprehensive landing page for all available homesteads.
  • Housing Menu Overhaul: The Housing menu now guides you to a centralized page with all necessary information.
  • Event Menu Update: The block under “Festival” on the menu now automatically displays upcoming events.
  • Database Fixes: Corrected numerous typos and consolidated around 150 hook bugs in deco item descriptions.
  • Event Page Redesign: The event page has been restructured for better usability.

Version 7.5 – 4/19/2024

  • Server update (performance update/framework updates)

Version 7.4.2 – 4/08/2024

  • Reduced the header image size on the Search page

Version 7.4.1 – 2/13/2024

  • Fixed an caching issue on the search page
  • Ability to rate deco items is back (reworked entirely the code allowing it to appear only on deco items since it was bugged)
  • Internal tags are now hidden on the advanced search dropdowns
  • Privacy: only people who are registered on the website can see Twitter/Discord links on the members section

Version 7.4 – 2/11/2024

  • Totally reworked the cache system, it should have greatly improved loading times of the entire website. 

Version 7.3 – 1/31/2024

Note: if you see any display issue, please, clear your cache & cookies!

  • Optimized & cleaned database
  • Optimized & cleaned website code
  • Fixed an issue on the server that was introduced when I moved the website on the new server
  • Added a temporary fix for a WordPress core issue
  • Fixed a display issue with event titles on the calendar page
  • Updated Icon Library and fixed an issue with the YouTube one
  • Tweaked the caching system to improve loading times

Version 7.2.4 – 12/13/2023

  • Members Section: fixed an issue with research while filtering by servers
  • Members Section: changed wording on “Yule/Halloween” themed house filters.
  • Members Section: (!!) If you previously checked the “Yule/Halloween” themed house filters on your profile, you’ll need to do it again. Sorry.
  • Changed the way caption text on images are displayed

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