Ambient Music
Ambient Music

This page lists all the ambient music available in LotRO.

Note: You can only put one ambient music per classic house (Thorin’s, Bree, Falathlorn, Shire Homesteads).

Update 32 :

  • You can now put 2 or more ambient music inside your premium houses (Erebor, Belfalas, Rohan Homesteads).
  • Premium houses also allow you to put one ambient music in your yard.

‘The Sixth War of the Dwarves and Orcs’ Themes

“A selection of music pieces from The Blood of Azog ‘Nar’s Tale’, ‘Coucil of the Seven’, ‘Bonds of Oak and Iron’, ‘The Lord of Moria’ and ‘A final Reckoning’.”

Way to obtain: Haban’Akkâ of Thrain Reputation (Azanulbizar) Barterer – Acquaintance
Price :
5 Zakaf-Beshek
Item : 
Bound to Account – Item cannot be traded or sold to other players