Housing Week in Middle-Earth #13 – Results

You’ve waited patiently and here they are !

After a week and a half of visits and votes, it is time to present the results of the 13th edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth !

Again I would like to thank all of the participants for this competition. Whether you were chosen for the final round or not, I hope you decide to participate again in future contests.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful members of the jury who have accompanied me for this contest, again ! :).


I gathered all the data and there were a total of 81 votes in the ballot box. Congratulations and thank you again !

As a reminder, the final score for each house is obtained by the average weighted score of the public (60%) and the jury (40%). The jury, alone, designates the winner of the Jury Prize.

The results

Top 3 - Erebor Houses

#3 - Tuaneril

Audience average: 7.39 - Jury average: 7.04 - Final score: 7.25


"A classic yard for a Dwarf, as is the treasure room (dwarves need to have one!). In the larger room, the use of decorative walls is interesting with once again a beautiful throne room."


"I really like the idea and the execution of the training room, as well as the treasure room which is well done."

 #2 - Numendur

Audience average: 7.39 - Jury average: 8.33 - Final score: 7.769


"I loved this dwarf house! The yard with goats on the rocks, the interior will all its creations and nice rooms. Kudos!"


"Three very successful gardens! The first one is impressive as soon as you enter! I really liked the little goat "lost" on Anarion's arm.the lower garden more flowery pleased me a lot, as well as the upper garden. The decorations are well mixed between them to give way to very interesting sets!

The interior, still in the dwarf style, is very richly decorated. Special mention to the set including the Vandassar, it is very successful! My preference goes to the infernal oven of the upper floor, what a great realization! And bravo for the trolls, I am a big fan :)"


"Rarely seen decorations, numerous and original compositions. We must salute the efforts behind all this."

#1 - Innovation

Audience average: 7.62 - Jury average: 8 - Final score: 7.772


"What to say... Except to start by saluting the HUGE mastery of the decoration movements! We can't describe this house otherwise than by these words: Visit it! You will not be disappointed with the experience, I can assure you.

We rediscover a space totally turned upside down, and I took a lot of pleasure to visit this maze full of details and super playful!



"Strong use of the mobile yard feature to create an original frame to the theme. I truly felt immersed in a dwarf expedition during my walkthrough, and the very oppressive labyrinth was well done. You have to go in & out the way the creator intended."


"An atypical house, with a well-defined theme, which I had a lot of fun discovering."

Top 3 - Belfalas/Rohan Houses

#3 - Ravenwitch

Audience average: 7.57 - Jury average: 6.63 - Final score: 7.19


"A garden with a very marked Bree-Land atmosphere (it reminded me of my debut in the game, an age ago). The painter's studio space is a success, as is the library."


"Beautiful garden, in a very "Old Forest" atmosphere which is very original! I particularly liked the entrance between the hurns.

The interior is very successful, each room has its own charm! I really liked the painting room, it was charmingly naive. Bilbo's library is also very nice. A nice use of the walls to redefine the space and to create these little demonic easter eggs well hidden, bravo for this originality!"

 #2 - Moskin

Audience average: 7.28 - Jury average: 7.66 - Final score: 7.43


"I really like the yard, wanted to stay here forever! You created a very welcoming interior inside one of the most difficult house to decorate, bravo!"


"A very cool flower and woodland garden, great assemblages! I particularly liked the addition of the fox that brings a flowery touch to the Eorl Memorial, as well as the fountain + arch mix.

The interior is very bright, the choice of white in the main room is judicious. Lots of good ideas! I particularly liked the dance room and its waxed parquet floor which looks great.

And special mention for the barn which makes the effect (in all the senses of the term)! Whether it is the pole dance bar or the small alcove, the whole is original and well done, bravo!"


"Big crush on the barn/inn/nightclub, and the banquet hall is very elegant."

#1 - Angilwen & Lonereth

Audience average: 7.79 - Jury average: 7.67 - Final score: 7.74


"An abandoned house! The garden is very successful, totally fitting the atmosphere, it fits well with Eastfold houses, I like it a lot!

The interior is also full of originality, AFAIK we had never seen houses like this, more abandoned than haunted, and that's very good! The main room is very beautiful, the mixture of ruins + greenery which is gradually regaining its rights is very well done. A great achievement, congratulations!"


"A house very faithful to the theme of its description, a gloomy garden, it could very well be added to the game as it is. In the attic, the carpets piled up and the cards placed against a post add one of its small details which we are fond of!"


"Big crush for the exterior and interior atmosphere, you feel in a witch's cottage. I especially liked the abandoned library and the space for satanic rituals."


"I only have one thing to say: was this house developped by SSG?! Cause I had the feeling that I was not visiting a house but questing into an abandonned cottage. BRAVO!"

I extend my congratulations to the winners of the 13th Housing Week in Middle Earth :).

Finally, the Jury Prize, which goes to the home with the most beautiful yard.

Jury Prize - Erebor

We decided to award this prize to Numendur (3 Points).


"I really enjoyed walking thru this yard, it's aesthetic, organized, takes advantage of the mobile feature to create fun details."


"The yard entrance with these perched goats is amazing."


"Yards are gorgeous, a majestic entrance, the court of the seers is awesome!"

Jury Prize - Belfalas/Rohan

We decided to award this prize to Aenhir (2 Points).


"A very beautiful flower garden! The entrance has its effect, a great way to integrate the trees into the decor."


"Very beautiful garden, with space and a very good idea of mixing trees and decorative elements."


"Coloured trees, fountains, archways, everything I like!"


The rewards :

You'll receive your rewards later today!

And so end this edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth.

Thanks everyone !

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4 Responses

    1. I’ve been struggling on how to decorate the erebor house I bought. This gives me some good ideas!

  1. Although Resolina from our kinship Away Shall Fade did not place, I have to let you all know that Resolina’s designs go FAR beyond what he humbly submitted himself. He has decorated SO many of our kinmate’s houses with carte blanche to do as he pleased and his work is aesthetically OUTSTANDING in various kinds of houses and settings. I HIGHLY suggest you contact Reaolina on Landroval server to get a list and visit the many houses he has decorated that goes FAR BEYOND his own. They are each and individually amazing! (And try to catch one of his exclusive housing tours too!)

  2. All the participants made a awesome job. I was suffering a autor’s block & those houses gave me fresh new ideas. Congratulations to all winners!


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