#2 : Angilwen & Lonereth
#2 : Angilwen & Lonereth

#2 : Angilwen & Lonereth

#2 : Angilwen & Lonereth

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HWIME #13 - The Final Fifteen

Address : 8 Ridge Road

Neighborhood : Sappingcot - Eastfold (Rohan)

Language & Server : English - Evernight

A few word from the homeowner: 

"The deserted house
This once beautiful house is no longer a home for it's been abandoned by its owner for years. It's a bit of a mystery what happened to her. Local rumours have it that she perished in a battle for Middle-Earth in a far distant land, while others say there's been a murder and the owner is buried somewhere in the cellars. The people in the neighbourhood thought that it would be a shame to let all the beautiful furnishings fall to ruin. So that's why they started to plunder. It was then that something happened in the house which frightened them so much, they did not dare enter the place again. In fact, one of the men on that plunder spree never returned. So be careful before you meet the same fate!

A couple of months ago the neighbours noticed a change about the place and at first they thought the owner had returned, but as soon as they got close they could feel something unnatural, evil has taken up residence here. Funghi and weeds are growing unnaturally fast and are taking over. The garden is overgrown and falling to ruin, and spiders have infested it. Enter this house at your own risk! (Putting this house together was a mother-daughter effort. After hours of arguing and bickering, we are happy with the end product!)"

D&Co's Photo Report


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