Blood of Azog (U30) – Housing Preview
Blood of Azog (U30) – Housing Preview

Blood of Azog (U30) – Housing Preview

Blood of Azog (U30) – Housing Preview

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Housing News News

The next update was on Bullroarer for its first preview last week. Let’s take a look at what’s new for home owners in Middle-earth!

New Housing Items

We don’t know yet how those items will be available (Quests, Raid Loots, Barterers, etc.) but there was a bunch of new deco items available for preview.

There are also a few Music Boxes from the new region (Azanulbizar).

EDIT: Now that U30 is on live servers, you’ll find every items on D&Co du Milieu ! 

Interior Hooks Consolidation

From Bullroarer’s patchnotes :

Interior Housing Hooks have been consolidated:
– Thin, Small and Large Furniture Hooks are now simply Furniture Hooks
– Small and Large Floor Hooks are now simply Floor Hooks
– Small and Large Wall Hooks are now simply Wall Hooks

That’s THE news of the year! It was added with Friday’s update on Bullroarer and it’s kind of a revolution for housing.

I had the chance to play with it for a few hours.

So, technically, what does it mean:

It means that you won’t have to worry whether an item fits in Small or Large Furniture slots anymore. You will just be able to use that item in any ‘Furniture’ hook.

The same applies to Small & Large Wall items (it also does to floor items, but since there were not any single Large Floor items in game, it won’t change your life here).

In every house on Middle-earth, premium or not, hooks have been changed accordingly.

A quick note about those changes: as it was just added on Friday, without any special notice, I won’t expect to see those changes in U30, but I’m sure it will comes on live servers soon.

Updated Housing Items

From Bullroarer’s patchnotes :

– Enormous Yard Items should now render at a greater distance.
– Using the housing decoration, Gammer’s Cozy Hobbit Bed, will now randomly change the bedding color to one of 8 different options.
– The Small Obsidian Wall Carving housing decoration has been made just a bit smaller, to better fit its small wall decoration hook.
– The Door to Mazarbul Replica and Free-standing Door to Mazarbul Replica housing decorations will now open and close on use. You may wish to remove and replace these items on their decoration hooks in order to properly update the physics.

As you can see, some old items have been updated.

That’s all for today but I will update this post if I see something new in the next previews!

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  1. Clan of Crimson Ivory

    YES! These additions and changes are amazing. The hook consilidation is especially a long time coming and very much welcomed. Decorator creativity will explode!

  2. Vanimere

    First, thanks to the creator of this website & the people that help keep it updated. I am really happy with that big variety of house decoration items that have being added recently, quite a lot specifically on these latests updates. This website previews, have helped me decide how to use those decorations to make each of my many houses unique.


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