U34 Housing Preview – Decorative Floors & Stairs
U34 Housing Preview – Decorative Floors & Stairs

U34 Housing Preview – Decorative Floors & Stairs

U34 Housing Preview – Decorative Floors & Stairs

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Housing News News

Update 34 is on Bullroarer; let’s see what’s new about housing!

A few days ago, Bullroarer opened its doors with a preview of the Before the Shadow mini-expansion pack (U34) which should be on live servers on November 8th.
With this expansion, we’ll discover 2 new areas, and we’ll have a bunch of new missions, a new skirmish, and a new instance to explore too.

And of course, we’ll be able to barter a loooooot of new housing items (300+?, still counting…).

Since there are so many new items, I won’t be able to show every single decoration item coming with the xpac in the preview posts.

When we did our Housing Q&A in August, Scenario told us that he was working on new Decorative Floors & Stairs.

So today let’s focus on these new Decorative Floors & Stairs items, and next week we’ll talk about the new items coming with the Swanfleet & Cardolan areas.


  • You’ll be able to obtain these decorative floors & stairs in the same way you can already obtain Decorative Walls (Reputation Barterers, Housing Furnishers, Festival Barterers, etc).
  • All these items can be put in “Furniture”, “Wall” and “Floor” hooks

Decorative Floors

These are mostly what you can expect from the title: every Surface (Floor) items we have in-game made into substantial housing items like they previously did with decorative walls.

Note: non-exhaustive list!

Decorative Landings

These items exist in two shapes: narrow, and large. These are like decorative floors but taller; they will give us the ability to create platforms in our houses.

Note: non-exhaustive list!

Decorative Stairs

Again, the title says it all! We will finally have stairs for our houses! Large stairs, small stairs… We’ll have a bunch of different style of stairs for almost every race of Middle-Earth.

Note: non-exhaustive list!

I hope you’re as excited as I am about these new decorative items. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to totally customize your home!

See you next week to discover some of the new housing items added by the new barterers and more.

In the meantime, if you were wondering about the housing item from the Ultimate Expansion Pack of Before the Shadow, here’s a picture of it:

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      1. I was fearing that cause i went to Felegoth & other elven areas but couldn’t find it. Well i can work something with the Green Rohan grass or the Green carpet decorative floors. Those i found at the expected locations. By the way, i found many new odd floors & stairs that don’t have any equivalent surface yet. You will have a lot fun with those. Thanks for the reply. 🙂


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