The X5-Creator’s Selection
The X5-Creator’s Selection

The X5-Creator’s Selection

The X5-Creator’s Selection

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On your marks, get set, GO!

Today, now that a few weeks have passed since the competition opened, I am pleased to share my selection with you.

It was with great pleasure that I discovered each of your 20+ creations to be more original than the last! Right now, I want to congratulate everybody. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us and thank you for taking the time to imagine all this. Bravo!

I, therefore, in my best conscience selected 15 creations that I most prefer. Here we go:

My Selection
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#1 – Doomkitty

Creator’s description:
“… please sit down if you are brave enough …
Name of the creation “Bilwiss in the window””

#2 – Fullraven

Creator’s description:
“A Witch’s Fate
A witch burning at the stake, a fate shared by tens of thousands in Medieval Europe alone, together with banned literature found at her house (you can spot some books amongst the logs). Her black cat familiar witnesses her death.”

#3 – Gilbraen

Creator’s description:
“My battle with Shelob!”

#4 – Hazaken

Creator’s description:
“The terrifying throne of terror !!!”

#5 – Himeriya

Creator’s description:
“I present to you the bedroom and workplace of an elven sorcerer and herbalist.”

#6 – Irialeth

Creator’s description:

#7 – Kia

Creator’s description:
“The diorama’s coming to life. Monsters are emerging and coming to get you, the Shire’s going to burn!”

#8 – Kolkil

Creator’s description:
“The workbench of one of the greatest alchemist in Middle-earth with a very sad story:

Sálvakh was an Angmarim working in the Hall of Sinister Lore in Minas Morgul. One day he decided to run away for an unknown reason … Unfortunately in his escape he stole some books which, over the years, corrupted him in his house to the point that he stopped creating beneficial potions for favor those that cause harm.
Some say that he would be as powerful as Lhaereth the Profane (the originator of the Great Plague). Hopefully this is just a rumor …”

#9 – Lynariel

Creator’s description:
“The Witch-King seems pleased with Amarthriel’s She-Shed!! She has spent hours combining the darkest mushrooms from the deepest chambers with freshly killed turtle saliva to summon forth the fire-breathing warg hidden within the Geode of Moria.

Alternatively, Gandalf seems beside himself when seeing his friend’s “hobby”.”

#10 – Petit Troll

Creator’s description:

#11 – Singo

Creator’s description:
“The Dark Lord’s Desecrated Elven Altar! Or something like that :D”

#12 – Sotall

Creator’s description:
“In a hole in the ground, there lived… a witch! Legend has it that long ago a hobbit lass was forgotten by her neighbors. In the days of boredom that followed, she discovered an old book of spells. In the time since she has perfected the arts of levitation, making potions float across the room. She also created special long-lasting candles to light her spell-craft. She is still there to this day, waiting for someone to remember her.”

#13 – Sylhouette

Creator’s description:
“Feathered grave robbers :D”

#14 – Vanimere

Creator’s description:
“Have you ever wonder how the bad guy’s spirits are imprisoned after dead? Well, i can tell you that is not easy. You can never take too many precautions. After many experiments, Vanimere thinks that have designed the perfect enclosure. Take a look at the massive tomb!”

#15 – Vulpex

Creator’s description:
“In a hidden cave by a waterfall somewhere in Rohan, followers of the dark lord prepare to raise creature from the grave to aid them.”

Votes / Jury / Rules

I am pleased today to announce the 4 members of the jury I selected for this contest.
The members of the jury are:

  • Prunaprismia
  • Khelsi
  • Khaotil
  • and me…

The voting system:

  • Each creation is given an average score from 1 to 10 made up of the public’s and the jury’s votes.
  • The weighting is as follows: 30% for the jury’s votes, 70% for the public’s.
  • The rewards are listed here.

The rules:

  • You have until Sunday, November 14th at 11:59pm EDT time to vote and elect “The X5-Creator.
  • You can rate each creation anything from 1 to 10.
  • You can vote for one or more creations; there are no restrictions.
  • One vote per person (I’m watching you :p!).

You may vote for yourself if you like.
Results will be announced as soon as is possible.

Play fair!

  • Votes like “I give myself a 10 and everyone else a 1” will be refused. You may give yourself a 10, but votes which intentionally attempt to damage the average scores of other creations will not be counted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

– Results will be published soon –

Good luck,
D&Co du Milieu

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