Gundabad (U31) – Housing Preview
Gundabad (U31) – Housing Preview

Gundabad (U31) – Housing Preview

Gundabad (U31) – Housing Preview

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New expansion pack means new deco items, right ?

With Gundabad coming next week on LotRO, we can expect a lot of new housing items for our homes.

And by ‘a lot’, trust me, I mean A LOT! I’ve never seen as many new items before. Almost 70+ new deco items are coming next week and I’m still counting…

Si, I did a tour on Bullroarer this week to get you a quick preview of some of those items but unfortunatelly I won’t be able to preview every single item before the launch of Gundabad.

I managed to get 40+ items, and here they are !

Last Update : 12/2

Gundabad Reputation

You can get those items from the Gundabad Reputation Barterer.

→ Discover the new housing items coming from the Gundabad Reputation here

Zhelruka Allegiance

The Allegiance barterer also has a fiew items for you.


Gundabad has new missions, and also a new mission barterer !

→ Discover the new housing items coming from Gundabad Missions here

Geode Master

This new barterer is exchanging gems, and stones for cosmetics.
Note: this is very similar to the Herbalism (flower) system we had with Northern Ithilien.

Figments of Splendour

Myrtle Mint will be back on November 10th with new items !

→ Click here to find Myrtle Mint new items


→ Click here to discover the Ultimate Fan Edition housing reward

→ Click here to discover the Epic Quest housing reward

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