Housing Week in Middle-Earth #6 : Results !

You’ve waited patiently and here they are !

After a week of visits and votes, it is time to present the results of the 6th edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth !

Again I would like to thank all of the participants for this competition. Whether you were chosen for the final round or not, I hope you decide to participate again in future contests.

Housing Week in Middle Earth is a complicated undertaking but I will say I am very satisfied with the final result and that is very much thanks to you, the participants and the voters !

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful members of the jury who have accompanied me for almost two years :).


I gathered all the data yesterday morning and there were a total of 84 in the ballot box. Congratulations and thank you again !

As a reminder, the final score for each house is obtained by the average weighted score of the public (70%) and the jury (30%). The jury, alone, designates the winner of the Jury Prize: "Expert Gardener".

The results

Without further ado, here are the top five :

# 5 - Flying Dragon

Audience average: 6,935 - Jury average: 7 - Final score: 6,95


"One of my favorites !
First of all, what a garden ! The snowball fighting arenas fit perfectly with the scenery and are very much at home in this snowy dwarf residence. The interior is just as intriguing. The use of Mordor decorations is a real positive, especially in the bluish entrance, where it is very successful. The main room is very lively but the red tones make it warm at the same time. And what an imposing library ! It is a very successful whole. The kitchen and dining room are also very friendly and I really like the use of the Hobnanigans banner. The upstairs is the only downside of the house in my opinion. It lacks color and life compared the the rest of the house. Colored walls and floors would have been perfect !
FINAL REPORT : A very beautiful house, one of my favorites. The decorations are simple and functional. The Mordor items especially, create a warm atmosphere. Too bad about the upper level !

# 4 - The Loners' Guild

Audience average: 6.68 - Jury average: 7.62 - Final score: 6.96


"A very original and imaginative house !
The garden is simple and friendly, you can feel the calm of a hobbit-like atmosphere. I really like the little wicker chair overlooking the waterfall. It is a lovely invitation to relax. The interior is… exceptional. It is absolutely necessary to visit this house and see it with your own eyes to grasp the creative spirit here. 
There is an overflowing originality to this house when it comes to playing with the decoration movement system ! Tilted maps at the entrance and in the main hall, the loft dining area, the spectacular central piece made of treasure chests and reflecting pools…. Not to mention the totem ! I especially appreciate the small, simple ideas such as with the paintings (assembly of paintings together or with other decorations, painting in a window).
REPORT : Outstanding designers ! Many crazy ideas make this a unique and playful house. Congratulations on originality !"


"The most atypical house in the group. The decorations give the feeling of playing a game. Pleasure and surprise are guaranteed during the visit ! "

# 3 - Sanctum

Audience average: 7.14 - Jury average: 6.75 - Final score: 7.02


"I love the ambience of this house. It has a very nice, mead hall type common room and a nice little bar in the back room. I added a +1 for the framed sword on the wall upstairs as well. It is executed wonderfully ! Very beautiful garden."


"When you choose a theme for your home it is always difficult to respect it perfectly with the decorations you have at your disposal. For this house I have one word : perfection. There is a real sense of place here, as if you are actually in Eomer’s homeland."

# 2 - Foghollow Mushroom Society

Audience average: 6.5 - Jury average: 9 - Final score: 7.25


"It is never easy fill this large living room but the set up here is very successful. There is a lot of personality here, especially with the secret basement. Very charming entry and a well put-together kitchen. The garden is masterly."


"The heart of this edition of D&Co ! The garden pieces which complement those of the neighboring houses are simple but give off a real atmosphere. The interior is very cleveraly arranged. Libraries overlook a secret passage with restricted access. All in all a very pretty house."


"My favorite house as well :). A perfectly executed home and I will remember my visit for a long time to come. A walk through this place is constantly punctuated by surprises that the decorators have planted for us in different areas of the interior. The lower room is a true marvel of creativity ! "


"My favorite !
The atmosphere of the beautiful pink garden is exceptional and what a great idea to have played it off the gardens of the surrounding small houses. I love myrtle trees and the combination of the Wose arches makes it really unique. A few mushrooms here and there to get into the theme ; it is very successful.
The interior of this charming hobbit home is full of great ideas. There are mushrooms everywhere (hats off to the cooks in the home !) I’m a big fan of the « secret » door made of bookcases and a lock (if you are bigger than a hobbit passage is especially tenuous… contact me for more details :p) which leads to a kind of second secret house. The Mordoresque entry is very successful as well as the strange, mushroom infested laboratory in the cellar. What a good idea to have « closed » two areas to create something unique !

REPORT : Without a doubt this was the house I liked the most during this Housing Week in Middle Earth. There is a real « hobbitish » and mysterious atmosphere at the same time (yes, it’s possible !!) Very good, original decorating ideas make this house come alive. Bravo !"

# 1 - Maison Cromley 

Audience average: 7.5 - Jury average: 8.25 - Final score: 7.73


"Very interesting decorations with several striking combinations of objects (table, stage, bar). One room had to be condemned for all that. Clever idea to lock it away behind a mysterious secret wall ! "


"The Towers of Seregost in the garden foreshadow a Mordor theme to the house. Despite the difficulty in placing these decorations in such a dark place the atmosphere created is successful. The closed room upstairs (for those who do not have a key) is both a source of frustration but also a very good idea !"


"As soon as I entered the garden I immediately loved this home. Putting all these Mordor decorations in a Bree country home is simply daring. Bravo!"


"An RP Manor !
A simply beautiful garden. The King Crimsons and Towers of Seregost are a great combination. The colors blend well, even with the Statue of Draigoch, which I admit I do not usually like. A third purple tree instead of the elm at the bottom would have been perfect !
The interior has a very imposing and distinguished atmosphere. Here again we find the decorations of Moror cleverly used, as well as some original creations that I particularly like. Special mention of the dinner table which is without a doubt the most beautiful decoration I have seen this week ! Very good idea, congratulations ! I also very much like the locked room upstairs, which drives us back to the question of the mysteries that hide in this manor….

REVIEW : A house with a real roleplay atmosphere but also some very good decorating ideas that serve this atmosphere. An absolutely successful rendering which I really like! "

I extend my congratulations to the winners of the 6th bi-annual Housing Week in Middle Earth :).

Jury Prize

Finally, the Jury Prize, « Expert Gardener », which goes to the home with the most beautiful garden.

Unanimously we decided to award this prize to the Foghollow Mushroom Society ! A garden without any equivalence that was very pleasing to the eye. Bravo !

The rewards :

  • Maison Cromley - 1500 LotRO Points
  • Foghollow Mushroom Society - 500 LotRO Points + 2 Battle Worn Steeds of the White City
    (LotRO Points are not cumulative)
  • Sanctum - 500 LotRO Points + 1 Battle Worn Steeds of the White City
  • The Loners' Guild - 1 Battle Worn Steeds of the White City
  • Flying Dragon - 1 Battle Worn Steeds of the White City

And so end the first edition of Housing Week in Middle Earth of 2018. See you soon for a new contest and, at the end of the year, for an HWIME devoted to personal homes. In the meantime, enjoy the sun and do not forget to congratulate the winners !

Note: Many thanks to Rhuangar for editing the English version of this article and to Cordovan, for providing the rewards :). 

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21 Responses

    1. As Kaels, I want to congratulate all the people who spend time and more to show us lots of amazing houses. I’ve never seen such as great ideas like I saw on this Housing Week ! Thank to all of you 😀

  1. Congratulations to the winners! Great competition. Maison Cromley and The Loners’ Guild were my favorites (I couldn’t decide which I liked more) and I’m glad to see they both got rewarded. So I guess France wins this “World Cup”??? Too bad, lol.

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Sanctum was my favorite, this mead hall style is perfect. My sincere appreciations!

  3. Yay! The Loner’s Guild came in fourth! Thanks to all those who voted and congrats to the winners!

  4. So um, when and how do I collect the 4th place prize of the Battle worn steed? Do you send me a code or something? How does this work exactly?

  5. Wow, so much work has gone into this contest – thank you Yao and the jury!

    Being a contestant, I opted not to vote, but I visited each house twice – once to scout and once to take pics! I had an amazing time.

    Thank you to everyone who decorated!! We all know how much goes into decorating a kinhouse. It’s a labor of love 🙂

    Congrats to the winners!

  6. Okay I got the email, thanks a bunch! ^.^ This whole contest has been really fun, I’m glad you put it all together.
    I’ve been looking for an excuse to show off our wacky kin house for ages now and this provided the perfect opportunity! Plus it’s been pretty cool getting to visit all the different houses and see what other people have done. All and all really enjoyable and well organized. 🙂

  7. Top 5 was #1 – #5 out of 15. This is what happens when you don’t randomize entries. People (me included) click the first ones and that’s it. Next time – for fair play – make it random order or it’s going to be flawed like this result again.

    1. In my experience, phrases starting with “people”, as if you were their representative, are always wrong.
      Do you have numbers? Evidence of what you say?

      I will nevertheless try to answer you calmly.

      1 – If you only look at the first 5 participants, please do not come to vote! If the most beautiful house was in last place, are you telling me that you would not have even looked at it ?? If you do that, you make the vote disrespectful, or “flawed”, not me.

      2 – The order was random since the classification obtained was given by the public and the jury thereafter. If I had put the alphabetical order, would you have come to complain that the kin starting with an “A” had won? Or that the one starting with a “Z” had no chance?

      3 – For your information, I have exactly the same number of votes on the first and the last house (perfect equality!).

      4 – I count 241 visitors on the article of the first house, and 236 on the last one. The difference is laughable. The most visited article is that of the 7th house.

      5 – Do you really think that putting a lousy house first still offers a great opportunity to win? Seriously?

      After 6 Housing Week Contests, and a good fifteen competitions organized on this web site, I had never had this kind of unnecessary remarks and I admit that I would have lived without.

  8. Huge thanks to all those who enjoyed our house, to the judges and organisers for their great work and congratulation to all the other participants and winners 🙂
    I took great pleasure in visiting each house (and our fellow servers) and found some nice ideas !
    Some houses I found really beautiful and I was sorry not to see them in the top 5 🙁
    I hope some of the other houses that didn’t make it to the final 15 will get an article here like they did in previous housing weeks

      1. I wouldn’t mind having the other results, either posted or by email! Thanks 🙂

  9. yes please can I have the results for the radix lecti kin house my kin leader and other kin members have asked me I I know what we scored and what place we got.


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