Corked Bottle

“A beverage container, a bud vase, kitchen supplies, this bottle has many uses in any home.”

Decoration Slot: Yard/Furniture
Way to obtain: Figments of Splendour Barterer (Curator) or Random loot from Lootbox
Price : 1000 Figments of Splendour
Item : Bound to Account - Item cannot be traded or sold to other players

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4 Responses

  1. You have no idea how happy I am to see this! I’ve posted in the forums and on the D&Co survey that I really want to see more wine related items and this is a good start! I hope we get many more food and drink related thin furniture items in the future (along with more thin furniture hooks maybe)!!

  2. This could be added to this week’s “Pick of the Week: Dinner’s Ready”! You need drink with dinner right?!


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