#9 : Nenaras
#9 : Nenaras

#9 : Nenaras

#9 : Nenaras

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HWIME #16 - The Final Fifteen

Address : Stonegate Path

Neighborhood : Glasfryn - Lyndelby

Language & Server : English - Laurelin

A few word from the homeowner: 

High in the Northern vales of the Great River Anduin, amidst the ruins of the northernmost watch-fastness of the long-since departed High Elves of Hollin, lay the Cottage of Lost Twilight, home to Nenaras Neldion, Mariner of Valinor, and his lady fair, Curuwin of the Wild. It is said by Men who have heard tell of the place that a fey magic lay upon it—a remnant of the faeries of yore—and that for those who can find the place and cross its bounds, death awaits. Yet the Wise say otherwise and hold that it is a fair place that beckons children and animals alike by dream-lit ways to heal them of their hurts or quench them of their appetites, with no price paid save a desire to return hither, which is granted but rarely.

Whatever the case, you have found yourself at the doorstep of this Elven-white house. Pause and hold a moment; grab a radish from the gardens; stroll the fair lawns and admire the stonework of hands now gone or the trees, tall and bright, which bloom even in winter with the fervour of a Spring morn….

Enter the house and hang your cloak (but mind the tabby lest the lady’s wroth fall upon you!), pass through the watchful sentinels, and be welcome!

Will you take a seat in the dining hall and feast upon the lady’s fruit-bread? That is, of course, if you can find a seat at the table! The Cottage is hosting many guests this day, and Láma the Goose its most distinguished. But perhaps you do not yet hunger and will instead join the Master in the Room of Logs in the westernmost hall for music? Fetch a song from the song-shelves on your way in or descend to the cellar and choose a vintage of your choice (there is, of course, the Dorwinion strong or a wine made of grapes grown and fermented by the denizens of the Cottage, so rich it attracts even the wiles of Dwarven thieves!); grab, then, a quilt spun by the lady’s wheel from the Chest of Comforts, and claim a seat at the far end of the Room where warmth and fine harpistry will replenish your spirits.

When your meal and music are done, surely you will tire. Retire at last to your cot in the attic loft, for the master bedroom, you have no doubt noticed, has been claimed! Let the snug Elven-bed bring you a restful sleep, one that even the clamour of Láma and his bawdy companions in the dining hall cannot break, and when you awake in some distant, simple room, let not the memory of your stay at the Cottage of Lost Twilight be forgotten.

(Note: To enter the house, you need to pass through an opening on the Northern side of the cottage “façade” through the “Large Imloth Melui Clemenduril Rose Bush”. Moreover, please make sure to disregard the other properties owned by “Neldion” in the Glasfryn neighbourhood on Laurelin; those are test sites. The property you want to visit is Stonegate Path.)

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