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#1 : Aenhir

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HWIME #16 - The Final Fifteen

Address : 2 Glenmouth Path

Neighborhood : Drevelin - Lyndelby

Language & Server : English - Laurelin

A few word from the homeowner: 

Before the end of the Second Age and during the reign of Elendil the Tall, First High King of the Dúnedain, the extent of Arnor on its peak filled Eriador, from the Forochels' crumbling ice-lands borders in the north to Eregion and Enedhwaith in the south, and from the Ered Luin slopes in the west, bordering with Lindon, the friend-elven kingdom, to the Hithaeglir in the east, the Misty Mountains where some distant fortresses and watchtowers were built.

One of those fortresses was Thoronost, the Tower of the Eagles, perched in the northern Hitaeglir, near the Anduin vale. Due to twists of fate, Thoronost remained with a meager garrison whose descendants, although diminished, remained safe to this day.

Thus, Thoronost first served as a mountain outpost under the kingdom of Arnor and when the secession into the three diminished kingdoms of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur occurred, no one came to claim authority over Thoronost and its garrison was forgotten and secluded from the avatars that ran the minor kingdoms until their final extinction and oblivion.

And for the fortune of fates, Thoronost ended up protecting an unexpected community of hobbits who never left for the Shire and who settled in Lyndelby, sheltered by a secret valley and its lonely fortress yet Dúnedain, until today.

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