#6 : Gray Company
#6 : Gray Company

#6 : Gray Company

#6 : Gray Company

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HWIME #14 - The Final Fifteen

Address : Tol Lochul

Neighborhood : Elwon - Belfalas

Language & Server : English - Brandywine

A few word from the homeowner: 

"This kinhouse on the island of Tol Lochul is styled in the fashion of Lossarnach, famed for its beautiful flowers. Take a stroll through the vast gardens in the shade of the King Crimson and Myrtle trees, or enjoy the clear waters of the fountains. Inside the Great Hall, fragrant garlands and wreaths are festooned throughout. Two great Libraries fill the halls where one can read beneath the trees hung with lanterns, visit the Study full of ancient lore and wisdom, or see the Nursery where the famed flowers of Lossarnach are grown and bred.

Upstairs holds the Great Hall, where many wait to see the Lord on business and gather to socialize. Tapestries and shields hang on the walls, proudly displaying the history and symbols of Gondor, and greenery brightens the room. On the last level is the Throne Room, the throne sitting on a dais above all else with a set of stairs leading towards it. Potted lillies line the rug, and the pinks petals of the fragrant Myrtle trees perfumes the air, framing where the Lord sits as their emblem and symbol of Lossarnach."

D&Co's Photo Report


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