#2 : Auberge de Vellhem
#2 : Auberge de Vellhem

#2 : Auberge de Vellhem

#2 : Auberge de Vellhem

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HWIME #14 - The Final Fifteen

Address : 4 Myrtle Court

Neighborhood : Fendesaint - Shire

Language & Server : French - Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

"The Inn of Vellhem welcomes you for a stay according to your desires and your needs.

Our establishment offers various rooms including a suite that will delight couples in search of unforgettable memories. Less expensive rates are also available.

Spend some time in front of an evening show, in our Nordic bath, the meditation fountain or a room to toast between adventurers, we will answer your aspirations of the moment. We also offer a stable to keep your horses or possibly rent one.

Need a more sporting activity? Test your skills in our outdoor arena or on the brand new chicken hunting field!

Wishing you wonderful adventures until our next meeting.

See you soon!

Dengomir Infilyor"

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