#1 : Aenhir

Address : 4 Long Street

Neighborhood : Cranbridge - Bree-land

Language & Server : English - Laurelin

A few word from the homeowner: 

How many adventures are not forged in a tavern, in front of a well-filled jug of foamy beer from the Shire? Where great feats are planned concerning covetous dragons, fat trolls, loads of howling goblins and wandering up and down the mountains, getting lost in deep enchantred forests and finding shiny treasures!

And the circle will close when, inevitably, some of those treasure coins will serve back home, to pay for another round of tasty ale in the same tavern to recall the past and recent adventures!

Ale'n Fish, Specialized in the tastiest Brandywine fish and fresh ale from Stock, since 2973 TA.

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