U40 and new season for the Reward Track

New in LotRO Today: Update 40, Beneath the Surface was released and a new season of the Rewards Track has started !

LotRO Update 40, titled “Beneath the Surface“, has been released today.

This update brings a new region to explore, and allows you to continue to increase your reputation with the citizens of Umbar. And of course, it adds a large amount of new deco items.

New decorations are available with this update (~100 new items)!

Some are available from the Umbar Reputation Barterers ("Ally" and "Kindred" ranks), others are available from the Umbar Housing Furnisher.

Also note that there are some decoration items available as quest/deeds rewards in the new area.

These decorations are in the process of being added to the site. I will update this post once the work is complete.

All the new items have been added to the database but I still have to record the new ambient music boxes and one item (Old Concrete Surface Floor) is currently bugged and will be added later.

A new season has begun for the Rewards Track.

If you reach rank 75, you will receive a box containing a whole bunch of Umbari-style decorations.

These decorations are already on the website and you can find them directly on the Rewards Track page or by using this tag (for season 10 rewards only!).

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