U37 Preview – Let’s talk about Fences!
U37 Preview – Let’s talk about Fences!

U37 Preview – Let’s talk about Fences!

U37 Preview – Let’s talk about Fences!

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So, you’ve heard about a new hook type called “Fence” but you’re wondering what it is? Here you go!

There is another preview of Update 37 today, and we’ll go to Lyndelby to discover the new fence hook.

And of course, I’ve got a lot of images to share since I’ll preview here all the Fence items available on Bullroarer.

A new hook

Fence is a new type of hook which will let you choose the appearance of your fences in Lyndelby houses.

I’m pretty sure some of you already dreamed of that ability when they moved to Rohan homesteads. Well, we waited and it’s now available for Lyndelby (and it will possibly become available for other neighborhoods in the future).

Each Lyndelby house has one Fence Hook in their yard. Kinship houses have 2 fence hooks.

Stately Deluxe and Stately Base houses have an additional Fence hook in their special interior room.

Now let’s see what that hook does!

Here’s my Lyndelby Stately house on Bullroarer, with normal/untouched fence.

The default fence

Now, if I slot a fence item on the Fence hook, here’s what I’ll have:

Awesome, right?!

Now let’s take a look at those new fence items. You’ll find those on various barterers throughout Middle-Earth.

That’s it for today! In the next post, I’ll show you the new deco items coming with Lyndelby. And there are quite a lot…


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  1. By my beard, at last!

    I’m like any expatriate who has settled far from his native home. I can’t wait for the customisation of fences to be extended to all neighbourhoods! Then I’ll have a proper border for my dwarf kingdom at the far end of Bree’s Homestead.

    Full Tankard and all…

    Manhiks Levecoude


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