U36 – Housing Preview
U36 – Housing Preview

U36 – Housing Preview

U36 – Housing Preview

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U36 was on Bullroarer again this week, and I got some shiny new deco items for you!

Hello everyone, 

Bullroarer opened its doors again this week with a third preview of Update 36: King’s Gondor.

With these new areas available, comes a new reputation barterer that has some shiny new deco items for you. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at it! 

King’s Gondor Reputation Barterer

You’ll find that guy at Pelargir’s west gate, and he has some new deco items which you can barter for depending on your reputation level.

Here are the new deco items available : 

For now, that’s all I’ve been able to catch. But since I saw other new items in the database, I guess we’ll see more in the future. 

If they add any new item to the King’s Gondor update in the next round of testing on Bullroarer, I’ll update this post. 

Have a nice weekend everyone !


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