Rowan Raspberry is back!
Rowan Raspberry is back!

Rowan Raspberry is back!

Rowan Raspberry is back!

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Rowan Raspberry is back in Middle-Earth.


Filbert Fig will has retired for the season (as of November 15th), while Rowan Raspberry has returned to offer new and old cosmetics for Figments of Splendour. 

She has 17 decoration items available for you! 

7 new deco items were added.

Note: These items have been moved onto the Curator: 

  • Pig Pen
  • Barrel of Wild Clover
  • Beech Tree
  • Carved Bear Bust
  • Badger House

For now, these items are only available inside LootBoxes: 

  • Tall Macaque Palm
  • Macaque Palm
  • Macaque Rock

Usually, those will be available for figments next year.

Last appearance: November 2022
Next appearance: Unknown

Decoration Items Available

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