Results : X²-Creator Contest
Results : X²-Creator Contest

Results : X²-Creator Contest

Results : X²-Creator Contest

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It’s time… Results are in !

The results are in and it’s time to show you the ranking of this contest.

I won’t detail all the notes and all the rankings, but just what interests us today for rewards (so, it’s gonna be a top 5!).

Those who are not mentioned below will always have the opportunity to ask for more precision through the comments or the Contact section.

Thanks to all the participants, voters, and to my honorable members of the jury! 😉

Let’s go for the top 5 !


FibroJedi (8.5/10): "Brilliant pun! I've had to assume there is some soil under the top sheet as some of the grasses and flowers are stuck into it, rather than in pots. But a flower bed for a pet rabbit is just adorable."

Druidsfire (10): "This was just super adorable. A light-hearted creation to remind us that all is not gloom and doom in Middle-earth."

Audience Average: 6.59/10 - Jury Average: 8.25/10 - Overall score: 7.08/10


Druidsfire (8/10): "This was a really cool concept that told a story that jives with Middle-earth lore. How many quests have we done in-game where we were having to deal with formerly forgotten evils?"

FibroJedi (9.5/10): "This is clever. The Barber has VERY cleverly positioned boards which is attempting to use to bar the Dwarven Door, but to no availa. Such imagination."

Yao (8/10) : "Really like the idea behind that place! Setting up is almost perfect!"

Audience Average: 6.72/10 - Jury Average: 8.13/10 - Overall Score: 7.14/10


Prunaprismia (9/10): "What a splendid pair of thrones ! The symmetry and the wealth of the set seduces me particularly, and the colors marry perfectly with each other. Bravo !"

Druidsfire (10): "This immediately struck me as a regal setting, and actually caused a feeling of awe as soon as I laid eyes on it."

Audience Average: 6.77/10 - Jury Average: 8.38/10 - Overall Score: 7.25/10


FibroJedi (9/10): "I love the fact the creator had a story going on here. And although they said the Draigoch Fireplace is hard to incorporate, they've managed it. A gold-hoarding dragon's wealth spills out of the cave. Lots of fun, and effort with the character emoting through it."

Yao (8.5/10): "Great creativity here! Using those items to create a hole for Draigoch fireplace was a really good idea. Bravo!"

Audience Average: 6.94/10 - Jury Average: 8.38/10 - Overall Score: 7.37/10


Prunaprismia (9/10): "What an originality this salmon fishing ! Funny, cute, and really well done, congratulations for the idea ! Without any doubt, my favorite for this edition !"

FibroJedi (8/10): "Yes, another one to make me laugh! Bears out fishing so good marks for originality here."

Druidsfire (8/10): "I really liked this natural scene, bears fishing for their meals, with a pretty cool use of the fish trophies."

Yao (8/10): "Looking at this, I'm smiling. This simple, smart, funny, and close to perfection. Kudos!"

Audience Average: 7.86/10 - Jury Average: 8.25/10 - Overall Score: 7.98/10

Congratulations, Wyld, you're the new X²-Creator ! 


Here are the rewards:

  • First place (Wyld): 1550 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 2nd & 3rd places (Elainos & Haflith): 500 LotRO Points + Best House in the Neighbourhood Trophy
  • 4th & 5th places (Innovation & Pixiedust): 500 LotRO Points

You'll received your rewards later today (don't forget to check your emails).

Many thanks to all, congratulations to the winners, and see you soon for new D&Co's adventures!

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One comment

  1. Wyld

    Wait… I won? Sweet!

    Many thanks to all who voted and participated in the contest!

    It was really cool getting to see all the different creative things people came up with. I especially liked the Gondor’s Got Talent one, the dragon breaking out of the wall, the warg drawn sleigh, the miniature set ups, and the closet. 🙂


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