#5 : Azahar
#5 : Azahar

#5 : Azahar

#5 : Azahar

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HWIME #15 - The Final Fifteen

Address : 6 Harrow Road

Neighborhood : Hollowdon - Shire

Language & Server : English - Gladden

A few word from the homeowner: 

This hobbity-themed bakery was inspired by a childhood memory. The Golden Sprig is owned by Miss Azahar Panetonne & family. The yard displays their own wheat field to harvest grains, a windmill to make the flour, and the means of transportation for the influx of goods to and from the store.

The shop is small but detailed. The easel is intended to act as a price board, while the hanging scroll on the right side counter could be imagined as a display of a daily sales. Customers can order & pay for their baked goods, and they can spot the options in the shelves behind the saleswoman: loaves of bread, fruit cakes, honey cakes, loads of pastries!

In the back, they have the working space: tables where products are put together and decorated; brick ovens; herbs & spices; and the coveted recipes cabinets (placed high up to keep nosey hobbits out of them!). Also, every time the bakers finish a new order they ring a little golden bell.

Finally, the left side offers a small eatery area – for the hurried traveller, the tired itenerant worker who just wants to take the dusty cloak off their backs, sit down in front of a warm fire, and enjoy some tasty morsels. Sometimes an elderly fellow hangs out there, reading short stories to amuse the visitors.

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